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a period of slow economic growth and high unemployment (stagnation) while prices rise (inflation)

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Stagflation and poverty are restricting Pakistan's progress and prosperity.
So the question that arises here is that what then are the solutions to overcome the prevalent stagflation? First, to start with the interest rates will need to be brought back down to a maximum of 10%.
"There is no definition of how bad the economy or how much the inflation should be to call it stagflation. It refers to the condition in which the economy is in bad shape and inflation, triggered by cost, is working adversely on the economy, and we can call the current condition as such," he said.
The Fed will need to drop the script if we get stagflation
The industry has developed much better tools than we had three decades ago following the "stagflation" bout.
"Our economy is already witnessing slow growth so if you add inflation to it, you will trigger stagflation," he added.
The two began having extended discussions about how to overcome stagflation via dollar stability and tax cuts.
Bloomberg/Istanbul The Turkish lira weakened to a record after HSBC Bank said the nation risks stagflation as its worst political crisis in a decade hurts consumer sentiment.
Russia is suffering from stagflation, a combination of stagnant economic growth and a high rate of inflation, the first deputy chairwoman of Russia's Central Bank said Wednesday.
"Employment is the most important future issue for the economy but now the biggest problem is (tackling) stagflation," Rouhani in a live address on state television.
We, similar to many other places in the world, are caught in a classic stagflation situation.
President ICCI said cut in mark-up rates would not only strengthen economic activities but would also go a long way in controlling stagflation that was giving birth to many economic problems besides jacking up the graph of unemployment.
GLOBAL financial services firm Moody's said on Thursday the Indian economy is facing stagflation, where growth is slow and inflation high, and cautioned that the Reserve Bank of India ( RBI) cannot be too aggressive in cutting interest rates.
Action now is crucial to ensure the UK isn't gripped by stagflation, with the economy in the slow lane but inflation rising.
The Pakistan economy is once again experiencing stagflation. Stagflation is a situation in which the inflation rate is high and the economic growth rate is lower than its long-term trend.