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having characteristics of the stage especially an artificial and mannered quality


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"Vetch," an ink and watercolor drawing from the 1950s, is simply terrific without being too stagey. His plain line drawing of the common plant stands out sharply from the background, snapping into focus like a camera lens.
Kennedy double-dealt his way around racial controversies until his stagey telephone call to Loretta Scott King during her husband's imprisonment launched him on what became as believable a pilgrimage as Jimmy Carter's against injustices both men had abetted for most of their lives.
As if this weren't stagey enough, Ashok Singhal, a great votary of Dharma, a functionary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council), hectored that he would retaliate.
Apart from these moments, however, the video is rather stagey and static, involving question-and-answer exchanges between Clark and fellow survivors or caregivers in small group settings.
Luria studies the contrasting marginalization of French Protestants by dramatic and stagey rituals of conversion during the Counter-Reformation, a dismal triumph of bigotry over humane conciliation after the Edict of Nantes.
It's based on a novel by Dutch writer Herman Koch and is turned into an insular, stagey, dull and muddled affair.
The first one is the Park Palace The building of which is still there So here are a few times and memories That I would dearly love to share The usher there was "Old Stagey" And the words he used to say When he stood outside trying to get in "Will you go on away" While "Charlie Cole" was upstairs in "The Gods" Trying to make room for some more Squeezing you up as tight as he could People were falling off the end to the floor.
The atmosphere is too stagey, the scenes too contrived, the acting offbeam and the script is, at times, lumpen.
The film's sometimes stagey nature stems from its origins as a hit play by Enda Walsh.
Some new gimmicks were a little stagey, like getting the ladies to sing, then the men.
Films based on plays are often too stagey and a 1970s-set political docudrama could easily turn audiences off - but this is absolutely engrossing.
Annand's pictures feel slightly too "stagey" but in order to reach an audience, gestures and emotions have to be slightly larger than life to make the distance between stage and the back row work.
This stagey psychological thriller with added Victorian fog, first seen in 1938, seems to belong not to much to another age as to two other ages.
Direction and lensing deliberately differ from sequence to sequence: Scenes inside Yukie's home have a stylized feel recalling Kaori Momoi's "Faces of a Fig Tree," while the noodle-bar scenes resemble a stagey TV sitcom.
Although each part of the image is photographic, the combined effect is simultaneously stagey and painterly.