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someone who supervises the physical aspects in the production of a show and who is in charge of the stage when the show is being performed

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an experienced person who has been through many battles

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Users can take advantage of pre-made stagers or combine FX, hits and music snippets from popular tunes to make custom imaging solutions.
com)-- ASP[R] Home Stagers will now receive the next level in Staging service from Wayfair.
In Turkey] coup stagers wanted their regimes to be based on systematic grounds and last forever.
THE War Child charity CD campaign this year finds rock's biggest old stagers nominating today's heroes to cover their hallmark hits.
Home stagers charge hourly or flat rates, based on types of services.
Home stagers believe that buyers decide how much they like a property by picturing their own possessions in the house.
Stagers have been working in the Lane County market for at least three years, she said, "but I think it's really caught on in the last 18 months or so.
Property experts Home Stagers believe they have the answers.
These stagers, including Shelley Washington, Keith Roberts, and Elaine Kudo, rely on their own experience of being part of Tharp's creative process and performing her dances.
OLD STAGERS Mubtaker and Cover Up top a list of seven horses left in Monday's wbx.
Stagers merchandise homes visually, so that they appear most appealing to buyers.
Since then Tina has helped hundreds of home owners to achieve a sale, most recently through the company, Home Stagers, which she cofounded in 2001 with her friend Jillian Hinds.
It seems a lot of effort for a house the seller won't live in but home stagers claim even a small outlay can add up to pounds 15,000 to a sale.
Real Estate Staging Association[R] (RESA[R]) the member run trade association for professional stagers has released statistics on the effectiveness of Real Estate Staging and the results are phenomenal.