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Synonyms for staged

written for or performed on the stage


deliberately arranged for effect


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In fact, it seemed like the theater down the street--the Volksbuhne--where the directors include filmmaker and provocateur Christoph Schlingensief (who staged his own Parsifal last summer at Bayreuth) and Frank Castorf, for whom Meese recently designed a production of Pitigrilli's Kokain.
As this process got underway, central banks in the euro-system would find themselves with a flotsam of notes as in the staged withdrawal process, and this would be dealt with similarly (under a seigniorage agreement between Holland and the EU).
Embryos were staged according to the normal table of Nieuwkoop and Faber (1967).
Taymor had previously staged an ofroadway production of the play.
Dillon's transition to chapter 7, then, effortlessly modulates her theme on the use of staged languages to a higher key.