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infatuated with or enthralled by the theater especially the desire to act

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Older songs The Youth and Weekend Wars, and highlights from Congratulations like Flash Delirium, Song For Dan Treacy and It's Working all came with such non-committal vocals from VanWyngarden that you might have been forgiven for thinking he was a bit stage-struck.
The Pumas took advantage of a stage-struck France to open the tournament with a stunning 17-12 defeat of the host nation in Paris on Friday.
The stage-struck parents were sponsored by friends, family and colleagues in an attempt to raise money for InterAct.
Stage-struck youngsters are enjoying the privilege of performing their school play at Stockton's Arc.
STAGE-STRUCK: Julian Benson, Amy Creighton and cheorographer Adrian Hansel at the West End workshopsACTRESS Amy Creighton is rarely off the TV, with roles in BBC's Doctors and ITV's Rosemary and Thyme.
A naive, stage-struck, 18-year-old freshman at the University of Oregon in 1949, 1 felt so fortunate to have entered college in the very term that the new modern world-class University Theatre had its grand opening!
A FAMILY have moved from New Zealand to Warrington to fulfil their stage-struck daughter's dreams.
Sarasota police, firemen and emergency workers were also among the 300 on stage (and were so stage-struck, one insider confides, that they kept begging for more rehearsal time).
The animated carrot's arrival prompted TV crews to do live remotes from school cafeterias, interviewing opinionated cooks, stage-struck students, and concerned parents: "Kids shouldn't talk to strangers," said one Omaha mom.
The Oxfordian view that Shakespeare was and had to be a highly educated, widely traveled, stage-struck member of the Elizabethan aristocracy, writing perforce under a pseudonym, has nothing to do with the alleged class-conscious snobbery of its advocates but everything to do with three underlying circumstances:
She and her husband, Malcolm, admissions director for a small college, have two children: Matt, a high-school senior who has been eccentrically religious since he was eleven and may be a saint; and Gretchen, fifteen, stage-struck, quick-witted.
Stage-struck pupils at a Lichfield high school are hoping to hit a high note with an award winning play set Down Under.
All you have to do is complete the application form and return to: Stage-struck Sunday Mercury Promotion.
Besides its legacy as one of the most successful musicals in Broadway history--it ran for 2,377 performances, won seven Tony Awards, and earned a profit of between $20 and $30 million--Annie has become the preferred starter show for scores of baby belters, from film actress Sarah Jessica Parker, one of the four Broadway Annies, to countless stage-struck preteens in community theaters.
Other characters include Faye Greener, a stage-struck, empty-headed blonde; her father Harry, a former music-hall performer; Tod Hackett, an idealist who came to Hollywood to learn scenery design and gave up his attempts at art; a Mexican who owns fighting cocks; a man who dresses in gaudy cowboy outfits; and a bookmaking dwarf.