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infatuated with or enthralled by the theater especially the desire to act

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Stage-struck youngsters are enjoying the privilege of performing their school play at Stockton's Arc.
A naive, stage-struck, 18-year-old freshman at the University of Oregon in 1949, 1 felt so fortunate to have entered college in the very term that the new modern world-class University Theatre had its grand opening
A FAMILY have moved from New Zealand to Warrington to fulfil their stage-struck daughter's dreams.
Sarasota police, firemen and emergency workers were also among the 300 on stage (and were so stage-struck, one insider confides, that they kept begging for more rehearsal time).
The animated carrot's arrival prompted TV crews to do live remotes from school cafeterias, interviewing opinionated cooks, stage-struck students, and concerned parents: "Kids shouldn't talk to strangers," said one Omaha mom.
The Oxfordian view that Shakespeare was and had to be a highly educated, widely traveled, stage-struck member of the Elizabethan aristocracy, writing perforce under a pseudonym, has nothing to do with the alleged class-conscious snobbery of its advocates but everything to do with three underlying circumstances:
She and her husband, Malcolm, admissions director for a small college, have two children: Matt, a high-school senior who has been eccentrically religious since he was eleven and may be a saint; and Gretchen, fifteen, stage-struck, quick-witted.
Stage-struck pupils at a Lichfield high school are hoping to hit a high note with an award winning play set Down Under.
All you have to do is complete the application form and return to: Stage-struck Sunday Mercury Promotion.
in the late '80s, and the stage-struck girl immediately got work in commercials and on such TV series as ``Kids Incorporated'' and ``The Byrds of Paradise.
Besides its legacy as one of the most successful musicals in Broadway history--it ran for 2,377 performances, won seven Tony Awards, and earned a profit of between $20 and $30 million--Annie has become the preferred starter show for scores of baby belters, from film actress Sarah Jessica Parker, one of the four Broadway Annies, to countless stage-struck preteens in community theaters.
Other characters include Faye Greener, a stage-struck, empty-headed blonde; her father Harry, a former music-hall performer; Tod Hackett, an idealist who came to Hollywood to learn scenery design and gave up his attempts at art; a Mexican who owns fighting cocks; a man who dresses in gaudy cowboy outfits; and a bookmaking dwarf.
Hepburn earned the first of four Best Actress Academy Awards[R] for her portrayal of stage-struck Eva Lovelace.
8DA YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 8 Expansive 9 Mum 10 Noxious 11 Tight 12 Nap 14 Thousand 16 Obsolete 18 Sit 21 Rhine 23 Expense 25 Via 26 Shipshape DOWN: 1 Pennon 2 Apex 3 One or two 4 Fiasco 5 Lest 6 Imagines 7 Emits 13 Publican 15 Sheepish 17 Eyelid 19 Teeter 20 Drove 22 East 24 Near QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Stage-struck 8 Ski 9 Lab 11 Pillage 12 Drill 13 Opt 14 Pea 15 Somehow 17 Tap 19 Avid 21 Ogre 23 Acre 25 Site 27 Tom 29 Lasagne 31 Ate 34 Mrs 36 Cruel 37 Chariot 38 Ear 39 May 40 Potting shed DOWN: 1 Skip 2 Tilt 3 Glamour 4 Skewer 5 Radio 6 Clip 7 Kale 8 Sport 10 Bland 16 War 18 Pot 20 Vet 22 Gel 24 Canvass 25 Space 26 Falcon 28 Musty 30 Allot 32 Trap 33 Euro 34 Mime 35 Road
A stage-struck young Britannia star joined Pirates of Penzance Keith Challenger, the youngster featured in these two photographs.