stage right

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the part of the stage on the actor's right as the actor faces the audience


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A second oud joined the ensemble and, as if in response to the increased weight of the music, the choreography grew more spirited, moving the dancer laterally, stage right to stage left.
Stephen Mulhern, presenter of BGT's spin-off show and compere of the tour, said: "I honestly didn't know if Susan was going to go on stage right until the last minute.
But no Oedipal scenario would be complete without a filial tweaking of the master, and Koons obliged by flipping Superman so that he enters stage right.
The work opened with Matjias seating himself at the grand piano stage right, while Van Alstine stood motionless stage left, with he, back to the audience, But as Schubert's melodies poured forth from the piano, the dancer was gradually swept up into the music.
As Spar's trading manager for fresh, Florey says his favourite part of the job is being involved with the introduction of new ranges from the embryonic stage right through to the shelf and then "seeing the sales rolling in".
It's in a very theoretical and policy stage right now," said Betsy Lassar, a former member of the city's housing commission who now serves as a consultant for it.
Limousines enter stage right, having passed the oval gate house on the north side with its waiting room for political correspondents.
Holding the guards against a wall, the boys proceeded to pop open all the cells and invite the inmates to exit, stage right.
Act II: Enter Clark stage right, peeking out of the logging industry's hip pocket long enough to brand environmentalists "enemies of British Columbia" and command rural communities to form an "army" to "combat" environmentalists (the same environmentalists who want to protect salmon-bearing streams from the ravages of clearcut logging).
Christie, wearing dark glasses, enters stage right.
Finally, after asking us to bear with him for 800 pages, Yergin exits stage right from The Prize without suggesting anything about the future of oil or what energy policy ought to be.
We're in the approval stage right now for it (contract) being signed.
As he exited stage right, without even looking behind him, Barrowman gave him a cheeky, er, wave.
But enter John, stage right, to add a splash of hyperbole.