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gear consisting of ropes etc

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She might be used to climbing around stage rigging as part of her job, but now Katy Stephenson is taking on a slightly loftier challenge - scaling Africa's tallest mountain Kilimanjaro.
Minor improvements included adding a workshop, dressing rooms and a green room in the 1950s; a state-of-the-art light board in 1979; new seats, a new rehearsal piano, improved sound system and stage rigging and ventilation equipment in the 1980s, and air conditioning and a new roof in the 1990s.
There also will be new landscaping and concession facilities, and backstage improvements including lighting, sound and stage rigging, a new orchestra pit, rehearsal hall, scenery shop and dressing rooms, and on-site offices for business and production staff.
In his 1954 doctoral thesis The Development of Stage Rigging in the United States (1766-1893), John Green wrote that the "theatres of America, from 1766 to 1794, were dependent upon wings and shutters, which were supported and changed by the English 'groove' system and were manually operated upon a raked stage." The wing and shutter system, he wrote, was replaced in the Unites States by pole and chariot, and ultimately by "the modem iron counterweight systems of Stage Rigging."
Minutes after she'd been singing Alcohol and Meeting Paris Hilton, Lovefoxx was left dangling from stage rigging as she struggled in vain to pull herself up.
Directed by Janis Staniak, the Last Resort Players production will feature stage rigging by nationally known Foy Inventerprises, who created the aerial ballet for Mary Martin's legendary "Peter Pan" in 1954 and have continued to fly stars ever since.
Rick Boychuk, after a career in stage rigging equipment, is employing his love of history to find out answers to questions like, Did counterweight rigging in the theatre, a fairly recent technology, really come from centuries old nautical rigging practices?
(Rick) Boychuk writes about the world of stage rigging. He started university to study history, but took a drama class and become hooked.