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the pseudonym of an actor

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We can't live without it anymore," said a band member with the stage name Moa Tsukino.
YOUNG SINGING STAR: Teesside's Bethanie Coates, pictured, who performs under the stage name Boo, is in the area final of a national talent contest
Jasraj, who goes by the stage name Junior Skye, said: "We decided to enter Open Mic UK because we wanted to have our music heard by a live audience and industry professionals.
TOKYO - Award-winning stage actor Teruyuki Kagawa on Tuesday made his debut as a Kabuki performer, adopting the stage name of Ichikawa Chusha as its ninth-generation holder.
To lead his son toward inheriting the stage name Ennosuke, which has been handed down in the bloodline for 140 years, Kagawa announced last autumn that he and Masaaki will both enter the Kabuki world.
Jessica Ellen Cornish, better known by her stage name of Jessie J, is on the up and up with a voice (and stage persona) in demand and a place as a mentor on the BBC's The Voice.
The singer wants to be known by her new stage name, which represents a new chapter in her life.
What is the stage name of comedian Jonathan May-Bowles, who was accused of throwing a paper plate of shaving foam at Rupert Murdoch as he gave evidence to MPs?
BIRMINGHAM chart star Mike Skinner - best-known to fans by his stage name The Streets - has thrown his hat into the race for the Christmas No 1.
Peter Coghlan, 48, from Stafford, was met with guffaws as he said his stage name was Mama Trish, adding: "I've been a drag queen for 26 years.
A pseudonym, pronounced soo-doe-nim; is an alias, false name, stage name, or pen name
We speak to burlesque star Chelsea Dagger who will be perfoming at Club Noir and find out how she felt when her hubby Jon Fratelli pinched her stage name for his famous song.
KT Tunstall has a new story behind her stage name - she claims it is all to do with geology.
So, I started to consider using it for my stage name.
The stage name refers to retired New York City Ballet principal Merrill Ashley and to Archer-Watters' former occupation as a fundraiser, where he generated financial support from people working at places like Merrill Lynch.