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the pseudonym of an actor

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Simisola Ogunleye, known by her stage name as Sim, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter.
Lateef Hassan, 25, whose stage name is 'Laze' said he had chosen music as a career after watching the likes of Small Doctor 'Temitope Adekunle' and Wizkid 'Ayodeji Balogun' perform on stage.
The music artist revealed that she chose Lorde as her stage name as it sounded so regal, which is understandable since she's also into royalty and aristocracy.
The music for the video was composed by French beatmaker David Aubin, who goes by the stage name Divyns .
"Although the phrase 'Burned Bridges' is in fact a play on my stage name," he adds, "it is also a primary topic in many of my songs.
The mother-of-one performed under the stage name Devi Ka.
Generally known by his stage name, C4 Pedro, he won three categories, including Best Lusophone, and Crossing Boundaries with Music, at the African Muzic Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) in October.
Summary: Amir Shaheed-Edwards, who goes by the stage name Bravo, says the group stole from his song 'All My Life'
She started as a fashion model in 1928 and she changed her stage name into Diane Belmont.
What is the stage name of Gary Oldman's sister, who plays Mo Harris in EastEnders?
"We are happier if we are asked to perform a live session with our masks on, rather than asked to take it off," said a band member who uses the stage name Nodoka Sakura.
I think I'm quite traditional but your stage name is your stage name.
What is the stage name of Sir Thomas John Woodward?
Ethel Gabison, also known by her stage name Ethel Booba, is an actor, stand-up comedian, TV show host and recording artist.