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someone who supervises the physical aspects in the production of a show and who is in charge of the stage when the show is being performed


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The unspeakable nature of George's grief is sealed when the Stage Manager wordlessly closes the curtain; the play as a whole conspicuously determines the scene as something so shattering and world-ending that no commentary can be applied to it.
Minimum rates for stage managers are set by the performers' and entertainers' trade union, Equity.
It would also be very helpful for an early career stage manager.
Prior to a show's run, stage managers work with production managers and directors to organize auditions and rehearsals.
She said: "We were all on the stage doing preparatory painting before the rehearsal when the stage manager got a blank text message sent from my phone, which I thought was in my bag.
Damage control is one of the primary roles of a live game stage manager for a sports event - not unlike what a stage manager would do for a theatrical production.
VMware Stage Manager leverages VMware Infrastructure to enable IT and application administrators to accelerate release management activities and streamline the resources and processes.
Martin also has Northumberland Plate hero Arc Bleu, Top The Charts and Stage Manager engaged at this stage but he is only likely to run three of the four.
She worked as assistant stage manager for Eugene Opera's production last season of "The Magic Flute.
THE Tony Martin-trained Stage Manager bolted up in a Killarney handicap hurdle on Saturday and went off at extremely prohibitive odds to follow up in a similar contest here under the mandatory penalty.
Author Peg Guilfoyle was Guthrie's stage manager and production manager for almost ten years, and she has had access to the Guthrie archives through research and collaboration with Sheila Livingston, executive editor of the Guthrie.
First, she advertises for a roomer, bringing Wanda, a young woman working as a stage manager, in to share her home.
He took a job as an unpaid assistant stage manager in a theatre and landed his first TV role in the 1957 comedy The Army Game.
The stage manager is the director's first eye," she explains.