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the part of the stage on the actor's left as the actor faces the audience


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A second oud joined the ensemble and, as if in response to the increased weight of the music, the choreography grew more spirited, moving the dancer laterally, stage right to stage left.
As long as these exertions have not taken too much out of her, Stage Left is capable of winning for her trainer Heney Cecil over this trip of a mile and a quarter.
Goneril and Regan, in elegant evening gowns and conspicuous jewelry, their husbands in formal black attire, and the much younger Cordelia in a short black dress, entered together to their chairs stage left.
Enter stage left, Kay Armatage, an associate professor of women and cinema studies at the University of Toronto, who has engaged in what seems to be a career--long quest to resurrect Shipman's 'star status.
If only Bush will leave the country as tidy as this when he exits stage left.
Enter, stage left, executive's wife freshly flown in from London for a meeting with loving hubby before an important business dinner.
Rarely more than a few seconds adrift, Burns reeled in the Peugeot ace and passed him into a slender lead with one stage left.
The bus retreated stage left, and the crowd dispersed into the foggy night to pursue higher proof pastures at the bar down the street.
She points stage left and smiles, a dancer of jokes and good humor, a professional who knows how to win, a black woman who uses yet overcomes "the blackface minstrel.
Act I: Enter Clark stage left, clad in eco-warrior fatigues, halo aglow, ready to defend Pacific salmon from greedy Americans in the name of conservation.
Her play, Chagrin Falls, was staged in the fall of 2001 by Stage Left Theatre in Chicago, in a production directed by Kevin Heckman.
Well, a guy flashing you stage left is going to be a suprise, surprise, eh girls?
These plays will see their world premiere as part of the Left Out Festival, an annual festival produced by Stage Left, taking place this year from April 20 - 30, at Stage Left Studio, 214 W.
Tickets for the Ron Judd-directed Stage Left play are $10, available at thevlt.
But with The Fishernan, now premiering at Stage Left Theatre (a 30-year-old company that has mostly been dedicated to new work with a sociopolitical bent), McGhan has hit the sweet spot of timeliness.