stage left

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the part of the stage on the actor's left as the actor faces the audience


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Saturday, Stage Left Cafe Jazz on the Square is partnering with P Mauriat Instruments to sponsor a free workshop on "Jazz Improvisation for Musicians of All Ages," presented by Saturday night's headliner John Wojciechoswki.
A second oud joined the ensemble and, as if in response to the increased weight of the music, the choreography grew more spirited, moving the dancer laterally, stage right to stage left.
Stage Left Studio is located at 214 W 30th Street, 6th floor, NYC (Between 7th & 8th Aves)
Stage Left ensemble member Kate Black-Spence, who plays Bella, agrees.
Enter, stage left, the fateful cashew, fruit of Eros'
Resplendent in a long, blue gown with enough Lycra in the full-length sleeves to flash the impressive muscles needed to thrash the conga drums at stage left, she glided back and forth, barefoot (literally tracking the music, since she is severely hearing impaired), from gongs stage right past xylophones, past temple blocks, to cymbals at extreme stage left.
The production was also unexpectedly saddled with a lonely lantern stand in the wings, clearly visible stage left.
As the action begins, VMOH, stage left, voices opposition to the Iraq War.
The founder and Artistic Director of Stage Left Productions in Calgary, Michele Decottignies, has been chosen as the recipient of the Alliance Atlantis Award of Distinction.
STAGE LEFT seems certain to win races judged on a highly-promising debut at Nottingham yesterday.
Last year, SparkNotes entered (stage left) with the No Fear Shakespeare series.
If only Bush will leave the country as tidy as this when he exits stage left.
Enter stage left, Kay Armatage, an associate professor of women and cinema studies at the University of Toronto, who has engaged in what seems to be a career--long quest to resurrect Shipman's 'star status.
Rarely more than a few seconds adrift, Burns reeled in the Peugeot ace and passed him into a slender lead with one stage left.