stage fright

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fear that affects a person about to face an audience

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Which brings me to another way of overcoming stage fright: Know your audience.
'The goalkeepers who will be selected and the entire team will be making their maiden appearance at the Cup of Nations and there can be an element of stage fright. I can advise them to rise above fright and approach the matches like normal league matches.
Keith Rees, 43, who had worked as a warm-up man for a string of acts, hit the bottle after his stage fright left him unable to work, a court heard yesterday.
From the opening chapter, Stohrer is adamant that there is not quick fix for performance anxiety; instead, the musician embarks on a journey of self-exploration to find ways to alleviate stage fright. She offers guidance through the process.
She also kicked off a brief residency at New York City's La Martinique, though stage fright haunted her there, and she swore off nightclub work.
Playing Scared: A History and Memoir of Stage Fright will appeal to two audiences: those interested in autobiographies and memoirs, and those with a special interest in performance stories.
BIRMINGHAM manager Lee Clark claimed his players suered from "stage fright" following their 2-0 loss to Middlesbrough.
Seattle, WA, November 24, 2013 --( They are pleased to announce the launching of a new book and website at that offers a unique cure for stage fright, the fear of public speaking and indeed any form of performance anxiety.
INSIDE ITV2's The Big Reunion: On Tour bubble, Kerry Katona's crippled with stage fright and "Jenny Frost's disembodied warbling".
London, Aug 25 ( ANI ): Former England Test cricketer Mike Selvey has said that the meltdown suffered by young Lancashire bowler Simon Kerrigan in the fifth and the final Ashes Test at The Oval might be due to 'stage fright' rather than being afflicted by `yips', as has been widely suggested.
Psychologists consider stage fright a social anxiety disorder.
ROBBIE Williams says he has no plans to return to live performance due to his crippling stage fright.
Polly Scattergood went to talent school...but she still suffers from stage fright. She'll get over it to play Captain's Rest, Glasgow, on April 12, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, April 13.
This is one manifestation of public speaking phobia (basically, stage fright), which afflicts nearly all actors at some time or other, and for which various remedies have been suggested, over time.
"Speak with Success: A Student's Step-by-Step Guide to Fearless Public Speaking" is a complete and comprehensive guide to overcoming stage fright and speaking in front of a crowd as if it were second nature.