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an entrance to the backstage area of theater

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I received no call during the day so we went to the theatre with the cake still at the stage door, in hope.
The storyline leads the audience through a maze of red herrings until the astonishing truth about the Stage Door Slasher is finally revealed.
Ma Egerton's Stage Door has been named the area's best by Pub & Bar magazine Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY
It is due to celebrate its 50th birthday next year - and a menu of electro, house, techno and indie is now on offer alongside the disco which dominated in its days as Stage Door.
Stage door manager Tony Fisher said: "I tried to prevent a middle-aged woman from being run over and all she said was, 'Bradley could take me to hospital so I don't mind'.
The boys had to run the gauntlet as they made their way from Stephenson Place through a passage to the stage door to dodge the hysterical crowds waiting outside.
Lohan also tweeted a snap of her outside a stage door with the caption, "Ready for my close-up!" ( ANI )
On January 8 2013, the UK's Grazia magazine ran a story entitled "[...] The Dos and Don'ts of Stage Door Chic." Referring to the post-show appearances of actors like Katie Holmes and Jessica Chastain, the magazine offered its readers "a list of easy-to-follow rules for successful stage door dressing." With advice like "DO get noticed in bright red" and "DON'T wear sunglasses at night," the magazine failed to notice that what they termed the "the vintage hipster look" of the British actor Anna Friel, was in fact a clear reference to her leading role in a West End (London) production of Chekhov's Uncle Vanya.
However, it is only Act 2 scene 5, the scene noted earlier in which Shylock attempts to keep Jessica locked away from the sight of Christian revellers, that seems clearly to require the closing of a stage door.
Stage Door stemmed from a conversation between Wise Buddah's head of content Simon Willis and Mothership Management founder Rebecca Sichel-Coates.
Sister Maureen read a letter Bernie had written for the ceremony and her daughter, Erin, gave a reading before the coffin left the building by the stage door. EastEnders star Shane Richie, singer Joe Longthorne and comic duo Cannon and Ball attended the ceremony.
Dame Helen, who was on stage playing the Queen, burst out of the stage door to tell them to be quiet.
If you're lucky you'll manage to snag a ticket - failing that, dressing up as a giant leek and hanging round the stage door in the hope of being mistaken as a prop is always worth a try.
Kirklees Council yesterday allowed Scissett Stage Door Theatre Company to set up a theatre in Clayton West.