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an entrance to the backstage area of theater

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The Stage Door nightclub in Stowell Street, Newcastle |in the early 2000s
We had a sound check that afternoon, I walked in through the stage door and remember saying to myself, is this it?
Richard Hobson, treasurer of The Scissett Stage Door Theatre Company, said he was hopeful theywould get the thumbs up and would then begin the massive six-figure fundraising task.
JUDE LAW started his Hamlet next door to us last week and is using our Calendar Girls stage door because of all the fans camped outside his.
The Oscar winner was exiting the Wyndham theatre, where she is starring in new play Madame De Sade, when she tripped over a stage door and got hurt.
This door is most likely the same stage door through which Duncan last exited (1.
New Victory Theater to feature 4-D technology while Stage Door Canteen will entertain, educate
On my way in, I smashed up a car, registration LVP 1X, and if the owner would meet me at the stage door I will give him or her full details of my insurance.
David McWilliams, of Stage Door Promotions, said: "The new music she and Carmelo have been working on over the last seven years is outstanding.
After every performance in Japan--a country where the 400-year-old Kabuki tradition celebrates male drag performers--scores of fans stood outside the stage door entrances.
Guests wishing to arrive in style at events at the pounds 104m artistic venue will be met at the stage door and greeted by Gary Smith, head man of Banks Chauffeur Services.
I really enjoyed it especially when Aled came to the stage door after the concert.
SITUATED opposite the stage door of the Hippodrome Theatre, this is an ideal place to grab a quick bite to eat before going to see a show.
But joy turned to tears when Melissa realised her red Ford Escort, parked at the stage door, had been stolen.
On its less formal side, the building is shaped by the path of the trucks that deliver scenery to the stage door.