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an entrance to the backstage area of theater

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Stage door manager Tony Fisher said: "I tried to prevent a middle-aged woman from being run over and all she said was, 'Bradley could take me to hospital so I don't mind'.
Contractor assumes the night, weekend- and holiday services at the stage door incl.
Regular reader David Pattison tweeted with the Stage Door recommendation and advised booking, which is no bad idea as they have even been known to queue outside the place for breakfast.
Stage door chic turns out to be a profoundly complex business that is worthy of further attention.
The abruptness of the servant's arrival gives the impression that the stage door used for his entry was already open, and if so, the likelihood is that it would be kept open throughout the scene.
Stage Door stemmed from a conversation between Wise Buddah's head of content Simon Willis and Mothership Management founder Rebecca Sichel-Coates.
Sister Maureen read a letter Bernie had written for the ceremony and her daughter, Erin, gave a reading before the coffin left the building by the stage door.
Dame Helen, who was on stage playing the Queen, burst out of the stage door to tell them to be quiet.
If you're lucky you'll manage to snag a ticket - failing that, dressing up as a giant leek and hanging round the stage door in the hope of being mistaken as a prop is always worth a try.
Kirklees Council yesterday allowed Scissett Stage Door Theatre Company to set up a theatre in Clayton West.
Many of the local kids would stand outside of the stage door in the back alley, hoping to get a glimpse of anyone famous who was appearing there that night.
The fan would regularly wait outside a stage door at the Comedy Theatre, where the actress is performing in The Misanthrope, reports The Sun.
I HAVE BEEN READING about the American Theatre Wing and the Stage Door Canteen and would be interested in knowing if the canteen was a forerunner of the USO (United Service Organizations) which was founded in 1941.
My daughter is raging that I didn't get autographs but the sight of all the screaming girls outside the stage door waiting for Jude, in torrential rain, is enough to put anyone off.
And at the moment he walks into the glamorous Stage Door Canteen (the swankest of the USO canteens, it drew its select hostesses from the actresses and dancers of New York's theater district) across the dance floor is pretty Flora Reid.