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an instruction written as part of the script of a play

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individuals, the stage direction requires more than twenty individuals
While Bevington reads the command "make a sowth" in that same stage direction as smoke issuing from Hell, the smoke would actually issue from Hellmouth below the stage, either emerging from the mouth itself or, more likely, through a trap door (line 743 s.
For example, the website footnote for the stage direction in act 3, scene 4 when Malvolio enters cross-gartered in yellow stockings duplicates with slightly different wording the footnote in the printed edition yet adds 3 lengthy sentences regarding staging this scene not found in the printed edition.
This process is both logical and appropriate, but the problem is that the editors present no method for attempting to determine whether a stage direction was most likely inscribed by the playwright or by a playhouse bookkeeper.
The contract is for deliverables in terms of stage direction necessary for the National Library of France to carry out its program of events on all its sites in Paris and, more generally, on any other site where the BNF could be required to operate.
As a production, La traviata, with its unattractive unit set and mildly vulgar stage direction, was nothing to write home about.
The stage direction responsible for lighting, sound and special effects is the province of Chris Brearley and his team.
At the end of the scene, a stage direction refers again to the flowers that "corto la enferma la ultima tarde que bajo al jardin," drawing attention to this symbol of Octavia's incipient death and further identifying her with the objects that surround her.
For example, a speech heading may do double duty when followed by a stage direction, especially if it contains a verb of utterance.
For example, an apparently straightforward stage direction such as "enter a jailor" or "keeper" may be as elliptical or incomplete as "Exit corse" if such a figure would be assumed to have a distinctive costume and be carrying a large set of keys so as to convey to a playgoer a sense of enter in prison.
Tips, tricks, and techniques for ensuring the smooth flow of rehearsals, guiding stage direction, helping actors put forth their best emotions, overseeing run-throughs and dress rehearsals, and more right up to opening night fill this practical and useful resource.
In any case, wherever Butterworth finds a particularly explicit stage direction or explanation of an illusion, he includes it.
Yet since the turn of the last century, Russian ballet has emphasized the dancer over the dance, with little more importance placed on choreography than the art of opera places on stage direction.
In addition, the "inconsistent" practice of marking a stage direction with or without ke or the presence or absence of a stage direction in certain scenes in plays from different collections may point to the fact that not all stage directions are reliable sources or evidence.
Discussing the omission of an Elizabethan stage direction in a prominent edition he claims that "Since many readers concentrate upon the text rather than the notes, such an editorial decision (especially in this prestigious series) can have a greater impact upon future interpreters than an equivalent choice by an actor or a critic.