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an instruction written as part of the script of a play

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He is right in stating that the number of doors helps determine how one interprets stage directions and is therefore not merely a peripheral issue.
One might add that while the extensive study of stage directions and promptbooks can suggest some standard practices, it is much more difficult to discover if and when a dramatist innovated.
In Xixiang ji, one stage direction reads: "The general leads his soldiers, riding a bamboo horse, adjusts his formation, catches Bang (his opponent), and exits.
Evans also uses scene-division, and follows Williams in his stage direction.
But his extraordinary, detailed stage directions interpret every scene in a way that invites our understanding.
In support of a four-door forestage at LIF, Lewcock cites another stage direction involving doors (Sir William Davenant 171).
According to his argument, since the Elizabethans were "careless about the precise placing of stage-directions," editors should be "free to standardise" early or late entries, especially those linked to "see where he comes" signals where the placement of the stage direction may vary before or after the spoken line.
But the Red Rose Chain theatre company admitted it was a stunt to publicise its production of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale - which features the famous stage direction, "Exit, pursued by a bear" - due to be performed in the forest in August.
An editorial practice that encourages readerly engagement with the fictionally represented seems all the more appropriate as Shakespeare's early modern play texts contain not only theatrical but also fictional stage directions: in Coriolanus, characters "enter the City" (TLN 568); in Timon of Athens, the protagonist enters "out of his Caue" (TLN 2360); in Julius Caesar, Brutus enters "in his Orchard" (TLN 615); and a stage direction in 2 Henry V/records a "Fight at Sea" (TLN 2168).
If anything, it was interesting to see how magical moments from the movie were translated to stage through some nifty special effects, fireworks and clever stage direction.
For all the inventiveness of Michael Barry's stage direction, which included a lively acting chorus from Birmingham Conservatoire, this well-intentioned enterprise was left with rather a soft focus, not helped by the essential hardness lacking in Katerina Karneus' assumption of the title role.
His stage direction for the piece: "The mind should be at rest.
In a step-by-step fashion, you add stage direction and dialog to your scenes, and ScriptBuddy does the rest,' the site reads.