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Synonyms for stage

Synonyms for stage

a raised platform on which theatrical performances are given

the art and occupation of an actor

a temporary framework with a floor, used by workmen

the place where an action or event occurs

one of the units in a course, as on an ascending or descending scale

an interval regarded as a distinct evolutionary or developmental unit


to produce on the stage

to organize and carry out (an activity)


Synonyms for stage

the theater as a profession (usually 'the stage')

a large coach-and-four formerly used to carry passengers and mail on regular routes between towns

a section or portion of a journey or course

any scene regarded as a setting for exhibiting or doing something

Related Words

a small platform on a microscope where the specimen is mounted for examination

Related Words

perform (a play), especially on a stage

plan, organize, and carry out (an event)

References in classic literature ?
Belonged to the faction which affected to believe that there was no popular love for Shakespeare, to render whom palatable he arranged Romeo and Juliet for the stage, with a double denouement--one serious, the other hilarious.
For Prynne one of the great horrors of the stage was the introduction of actresses from France by Henrietta Maria, to take the place of young [84] male actors of whom Dr.
The mingling of the public with the players was a practice which so annoyed the haughty French actor, Baron, that to suggest to the audience the absurdity of it, he would turn his back on them for a whole act, and play to the audience on the stage.
Even indirectly the history of the stage illustrates life, and affords many unexpected lights on historical characters.
Never mind, honey," his imperturbable wife assured him in a stage whisper.
Several minutes later, still on the stage and handling his animals, the husband managed a chance to mutter to his wife: "It's the dog.
The curtain down, with a gleeful audience in front and with the dogs back in the room over the stage, Wilton Davis descended to look for Michael, who, instead of cowering in some corner, stood between the legs of the stage-hand, quivering yet from his mishandling and threatening to fight as hard as ever if attacked.
The question was settled in five minutes, and the rehearsal went on; Magdalen learning Julia's stage situations with the book in her hand, and announcing afterward, on the journey home, that she proposed sitting up all night to study the new part.
She was dressed very plainly in dark colors, and wore her own hair; all stage adjuncts and alterations
She saw all her own little formal peculiarities of manner and movement unblushingly reproduced -- and even the very tone of her voice so accurately mimicked from time to time, that the accents startled her as if she was speaking herself, with an echo on the stage.
The stage scenery was ruined, trap-doors were so swollen that they wouldn't work for a week afterward, the fine costumes were spoiled, and no end of minor damages were done by that remarkable storm.
Then we got up and drove ever so far to Maplewood, where the stage was.
Mine doest I was so 'fraid I'd miss the stage I couldn't eat any breakfast.
If your aunt Mirandy'll let you, I'll take you down to Milltown some day this summer when the stage ain't full.
He seemed half mad and told me that the body of a scene-shifter had been found hanging in the third cellar under the stage, between a farm-house and a scene from the Roi de Lahore.