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a kind of lamellicorn beetle

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Stag beetles remain relatively widespread in the south of England.
Hasegawa, "Morph-dependent form of asymmetry in mandibles of the stag beetle Prosopocoilus inclinatus (Coleoptera: Lucanidae)," Ecological Entomology, vol.
In the lucanids (stag beetles) all species examined were associated with one or more unique nematode species (Kanzaki et al.
He shows us some fantastic footage of a stag beetle as it makes its way along a fallen tree waving his mandibles at us, and he explains the beetle's life cycle from the beginning when it spends five years eating rotten wood before emerging as an adult sex machine, for a measly one month The Shadow Line (BBC2, 9pm) This new drama has an all-star cast including Christopher Eccleston, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Stephen Rea and Lesley Sharp.
Two such resource packs recently developed focus on small mammals, such as the dormouse, bank vole and red squirrel, and the greater stag beetle. The popularity of these have shown that children are just as fascinated by a small unusual creature they have never heard of, especially when they find out they may have a chance of seeing one in the wild somewhere in their local area.
Washington, Jan 10 (ANI): Ecologists have indicated that ginger root could be the key to conserving the largest and most spectacular terrestrial beetle - the stag beetle.
WOODRUFF, R.E., 2009.- A new fossil species of stag beetle from Dominican Republic amber, with Australasian connections (Coleoptera: Lucanidae).
Luckily, he is friendly with an old Stag Beetle who not only refuses to let him give up but also knows what millipedes are made for.
And speaking of illustration: A colored pencil rendition of a New Guinea stag beetle by Eugene illustrator Becky Uhler was juried into the New York State Museum's "Focus on Nature" exhibition, which opens Monday in Albany, N.Y.
"Hedgerows provide significant habitat for 125 threatened species including song thrush, yellowhammer, spotted flycatcher, dormouse, greater horseshoe bat, great crested newt, stag beetle and Barberry carpet moth, so the importance of hedglaying cannot be over-emphasized."
In the case of Brown v Forestry Tasmania, Senator Brown sought to stop logging in Wielangta forest so as to protect three federally listed endangered species: the swift parrot, the Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle and the Wielangta stag beetle.
Readers of Habitat will recall that Senator Bob Brown went out on a limb last year to protect rare Australian species like the swift parrot, the wedge-tailed eagle and the wielangta stag beetle in Tasmania.
A rare subspecies of stag beetle found only in the Amanos Mountains of southern Turkey is now threatened with extinction as it is being exploited for sale to beetle enthusiasts in countries like Japan, a local conservationist has warned.
An AXIS 214 PTZ Network Camera from Axis Communications, a provider of network video, has been used by pupils at Herries Preparatory School in Cookham Dean, Berkshire, UK for the development of their studies on the habitat of the stag beetle.
Among the best-known of Durer's nature works, The Stag Beetle on this month's cover is startling, and not only for its artistic presentation.