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an employee who is a member of a staff of workers (especially a member of the staff that works for the President of the United States)

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Second, a means to quickly verify presumptive measles immunity among staff members in the event of occurrence of a case of measles can facilitate containment (2,3).
In this vein, presented here is a list of "13 Basic Things" that are useful knowledge for frontline staff members in just about every library, particularly public libraries.
Establishes the clear expectation that staff members are to convey their own assessments and opinions of what they need, or actions that they would like to have considered.
Any personal stayover should result in a fair consideration being paid by the staff member to the organization (e.
Staff members want and deserve appreciation, shown in part by how partners speak and listen to them.
The original plan: All staff members in the one-stop shop would be generalists, working with all aspects of service for an assigned section of the alphabet.
For example, you might have one staff member lead a discussion asking people to share personal accomplishments.
Meeting with a staff member can be a screening process that will get a company owner an audience with a representative or senator, or it can serve to accomplish the same desirable result.
Staff members say they use the instant messages for everything from daily school bulletins to letting a teacher know a student is on the way back from the office or the nurse.
And under her leadership the magazine and its individual staff members achieved significant Navy-level recognition.
Screening cultures performed on 195 residents and staff with a history of contact with one of these two infected persons indicated that seven residents and one staff member were colonized with GAS.
At one session, she discovered that a staff member of Turkish background had spent several years in Germany and spoke fluent German.
Staff member Nadia and active member Sireesha visit UMDNJ (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey) to hand out brochures and literature to medical students in Newark.
It is easily operated by any staff member and allows administration of simultaneous tests by one staff member using multiple Otograms.
The need for direct engagement and correction must be balanced with support and consideration for how it will affect feelings and what it will do to the relationship between the manager and staff member.