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storage space in a library consisting of an extensive arrangement of bookshelves where most of the books are stored

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At a Sport Stacking competition, stackers must complete different kinds of stacking challenges, or sequences, that are named for the number of stacks and cups they contain (for example, a 333 sequence would contain 3 stacks which have 3 cups each).
Toyo specified a cooler/ stacker to process both soft and hard compounds, and with the flexibility to stack endless sheet, cut sheets or strips.
A GM spokes-man concedes its stacks are too expensive, but claims its present fuel cell stacks are less than 10 times more expensive than internal combustion engines and still closing the gap.
Competitors, who were mainly elementary students but now include those in middle school and high school, stack and unstack 12 specially designed plastic cups in predetermined sequences.
Interpeak continues its mission to provide communications solutions for embedded systems by releasing a new edition of its IPLITE TCP/IP v4 and v6 stack, tailored to Motorola's StarCore-based family of Digital Signal Processors.
That feels forced, as if Stacks needs to accentuate the worst in order to carry the baggage of his larger, tacked-on theme about the decline of journalism.
Adding a third and fourth junction to each stack will be the next step toward the goal of fabricating and observing steps in 50-junction stacks in order to create a 2 mm long lumped array with 50 [omega] impedance.
Stacks, for example, the vice president of commercial real estate for M&T Bank and the chairman of the Young Mortgage Bankers of America Association, in person turns out to have a very different mindset than the one you would expect in a man of his profession.
The stacks of old have been replaced with a series of tasks that, ``stack up,'' or lead to the final clue and the way into the seniors' rooms or somewhere else on campus.
Combining striping and parity within mirrored stacks buys some additional capabilities, but is still subject to these drive-failure limitations.
This enables customers to reduce the code size of the stacks by removing optional features; cuts development time by simplifying the interactions with the stacks; and allows customization of the stack to fit a particular need.
Even multiple pallet sizes and stack dimensions, including rectangular patterned stacks, can be accommodated.
NMS has years of experience with network systems incorporating TCP/IP stacks and ATM SARs running on TI's C6000 DSPs," said Charlie Walker, VP and general manager of IP Services Management business, NMS Communications.
The stacks arrive in a horizontal position, and the system arranges them into the proper pattern for one layer in the carton.