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a laborer who builds up a stack or pile

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But I have no doubt these new stacker bins will continue to be rolled out and any amount of complaining will do no good at all.
Lidhult is the home of the Kalmar reach stacker," said Stefan Johansson, Kalmar's director of sales and marketing.
DIESEL CONSUMPTION REDUCTION The new Konecranes hybrid reach stacker will offer customers substantial cost and environmental benefits.
The new hybrid Konecranes reach stacker is being field-tested at the container terminal in Port of Helsingborg, situated at the narrowest point of the sound between Sweden and Denmark.
Our new hybrid reach stacker is an exciting step forward for our industry and further proof that Konecranes is committed to offering its customers eco-efficient products and services," said Lars Fredin, vice-president and head of business, Unit Lift Trucks, Konecranes.
Like all athletes, Sport Stackers have their own special language.
Aesthetically the stacker has been improved with curved transparent panels, which give improved visibility to the machine's operation.
The Baker Automated Board Stacker can handle boards ranging in length from 28 inches to 60 inches; 1-1/2 inches to 3-1/2 inches thick; and 3-1/2 inches to 8 inches wide.
While the bin can be installed on virtually any McCloskey stacker, the company expects it will become most popular on stackers sized in the 80- to 125-foot range
Burger King remains unapologetic for the launch of the Stacker in the US where obesity rates are at an all-time high.
THE SKY'S the limit for the residents of Liverpool's Albany Buildings after their hi-tech car stacker was commissioned this week.
A main ingredient in Stacker 2, an over-the-counter herbal supplement, is caffeine, primarily in the form of anhydrous caffeine and kola nut seeds.
To improve pile quality on lightweight and/or static prone materials, Maxson offers an enhancement to its stackers that incorporates tapes over the pile, an air delivery system and a connecting frame that mechanically adjusts the stacker when setting up the size in the delivery system.
This year, our sales are being driven by a custom made 10 case retail stacker," noted Bruce Forsley, director of marketing.
Toyota's new walkie straddle stacker lift trucks deliver on this premise.