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a laborer who builds up a stack or pile

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Stacker was one of 350 people arrested in the United States in 2015 after the FBI took over a "dark web" child pornography network known as Playpen.
He is a young guy who was on the cusp of greatness in his early days when he was training to be a Jaeger pilot, but he always had a troubled relationship with Stacker.
With more than 30 years of experience in stacker production, we've introduced features that continue through the line today including a patented counter weight design and heavy-duty frame," the company said.
All Konecranes reach stackers are equipped with powerful, low-emission engines that comply with environmental regulations and standards while reducing fuel consumption, and the manufacturer recently launched the world's first hybrid reach stacker.
The stacker had a basket with wooden teeth on the front.
Our new hybrid reach stacker is an exciting step forward for our industry and further proofs that Konecranes is committed to offering its customers eco-efficient products and services," says Lars Fredin, vice-president and head of Business Unit Lift Trucks, Konecranes.
The new hybrid reach stacker, he said, will offer customers substantial cost and environmental benefits.
The stacker features a hybrid diesel/electric driveline, electrified hydraulic lifting system, and a super capacitor based energy storage.
The project involves building a four-lane conveyor system with a 4,000 tonne an hour (t/h) capacity for each lane, six 25km-long stacker lines, each with a capacity of 4,000 t/h, three fixed hoppers that can discharge 200 t/h to trucks on a conveyor, a material switching system that allows material from any conveyor to be fed to any stacker, and an internal stockyard road network and 12 truck-weighing systems at the exit of the stockyard.
The stacker can be powered-up by using a key or with an optional keyless access pad.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 16, 2010--Finnish Konecranes to deliver stackers, container handlers to Kuwaiti ports(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Also in Spain, G&J technicians are installing a ProVision Alliance, two UTM-H conveyors, CD-H cross conveyor and stacker to produce plates from two CTP lines at el Correo Gallego, Santiago de Compostela.
Kids can't be professionals at hockey or basketball," explains Tyler Cole, a thirteen-year old competitive stacker from London, Ontario.
Improvements have been made to the Pick-up Stacker thermoformed up stacker from Mould & Matic Solutions in Austria to improve both its performance and its looks.
Baker Products continues to find new ways to improve your operation and your profitability, by offering the new Baker Automated Board Stacker.