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STACK away all your DVDs, CDs and console games inside this top-class cabinet holding a total of 119 discs.
But pause before you stack away the banners, stash the loudhailers and throw away the marching boots.
They do jump, they do stick and make ear-bleeding white noise but they have the bonus of being easy to stack away into your matt black storage system.
So what we do instead is stack away stuff that we are really unlikely ever to use again.
Strong winds blew the stack away and planning chiefs were staggered to discover an extra three occupied homes on farmer Charles Marshall's land.
If space is at a premium opt for tables that fold away, stack away, or are in light contemporary materials such as glass or aluminium and seem to float in the space rather than dominate it.
Handy enough to help out when needed but small enough to stack away when they're not, a simple and effective solution is here: