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Synonyms for staccato

(music) marked by or composed of disconnected parts or sounds


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separating the notes


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As a result of the recently announced merger between Staccato and Artimi, Inc.
Under the licensing agreement Cypress will pay Alexza an upfront payment of USD5m to acquire the worldwide licence for the Staccato nicotine technology.
Indeed, if you are a keyboard player who was taught to play staccato with the image of "touching a hot stove" you are probably focused on pulling away--quickly--from those hot keys
Staccato is an ideal partner for us as they are the only UWB company in the world that has a production-ready, single-chip CMOS solution that supports all the frequency band groups required for worldwide deployment," said Andrew Vought, COO of Staccato.
We are honored to be recognized with this prestigious award, which further validates our aggressive product strategy of single-chip all-CMOS design," said Marty Colombatto, CEO for Staccato Communications.
Staccato also offers Ripcord2 WHCI reference designs in two form factors: a PCIe Half-Mini Card and PCIe Express Card/34.
In order to track the latest regulatory status by region, Staccato has provided a spectrum regulations chart on its website at: http://www.
We are pleased to partner with Staccato who continues to push the boundaries of innovation in UWB products," said Brad Paulsen, vice president of Business Management at TSMC.
The melody spins back and forth with whole and half steps, while the bass punctuates with its own march, requiring the pianist to pay particular heed to legato and staccato markings.
SAN DIEGO -- Staccato Communications, an Ultra Wideband (UWB) wireless technology pioneer and Certified Wireless USB leader, today announced a series of significant additions to its global sales force.
Piano two opens Movement I, Allegro con spiritoso, with staccato chords, followed by piano one with a perky theme.
There are complex design challenges associated with implementing a Wireless USB device and Staccato is uniquely positioned to solve these problems," said Marty Colombatto, CEO for Staccato Communications.
Among Faricy's many valuable conclusions, one might single out four that are not widely understood: the depth of the damper pedal usually is related to dynamics, with a deeper pedal needed for louder dynamics; the una corda pedal can be used coloristically at any dynamic level, including in loud passages; the una corda pedal can be depressed just as progressively as the damper pedal; and bass notes marked staccato by nineteenth-century composers often should be pedaled.
Leading the Deployment Path for Wireless USB and WiMedia Applications, Staccato Enables Form-Factor End Products with the Ripcord[TM] Family of Single-Chip, All-CMOS Solutions
The first two units cover the basics of scale playing and other technical skills (overlapping pedal, wrist rolls, portato, wrist staccato, trills and voicing).