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a coagulation factor formed in the kidney under the influence of vitamin K

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where [l.sub.t] is time stable factors at time t, which is calculated based on self-organization dynamics property of complex network.
I have come to believe in a few relatively stable factors, some variables that are in transition, and some important variables that are changing rapidly in important ways.
The results for recidivism as a continuous variable were similar to those for recidivism as a dichotomous variable: sex was the only significant (p [less than] .05) stable factor, and both the CAFAS 5-Scale Total (p [less than] .05) and the CAFAS 8-Scale Total (p [less than] .01) were significantly related to recidivism (see Table 4).
The frozen and refrigerated hand-held food market has established itself as a stable factor in American eating by 1999.
Factor VII: serum prothrombin conversion accelerator (SPCA), stable factor, proconvertin, auto-prothrombin I.
"Your country is a stable factor in a turbulent region in which existing powers and relations are constantly being challenged.
The RBSRI has a stable factor structure including 20 items comprising the two dimensions of masculine (10 items; e.g., "assertive") and feminine (10 items; e.g., "tender").
When he did go out, it was to watch local operatic society shows and music remained the one stable factor in his life.
Experts say that food should be seen as a stable factor in a busy life, and help to alleviate stress.