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causing to become stable


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The aim of this studywas to evaluate the effect of stabilization ofgold nanoparticles with two different stabilizing agents on platelets activation and secretion of particular growth factors, which are important activators of tissue regeneration processes.
Therefore, approaches to design the stabilizing PID controllers have attracted much attention in the process control field over the past decade.
For those of you not familiar with it, the stabilizing brace is a game changer for large bulky pistols built on rifle or pistol caliber carbine type platforms.
After analysis and learning of recent successful stabilizing projects using fly ash, the county chose to reconstruct 1 mile of CTH S using a full-depth reclamation process, stabilizing with Class "C" fly ash.
"There is no higher priority within our corporation than stabilizing and turning around our Southeastern operations," Robert Davis, GreenMan's president and CEO, says.
Cushioned shoes, which are made from the most flexible material, offer no stabilizing devices and are therefore made for light, efficient runners with no history of injury.
Either the phase or the dispersive in-phase output of the lock-in amplifier can be used in a feedback loop to lock the driving frequency to the Larmor frequency by stabilizing the phase shift to -90[degrees].
Many drivers instinctively know that turning the steering wheel toward a skid can help prevent a spinout, but the real trick to stabilizing a car is knowing how much and how fast to turn the wheel and when to turn the wheel back, said Tarunraj Singh, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering.
Yet when Beloit and Valmet (both part of Metso Paper) added flow stabilizing elements to headbox designs, the result was remarkable, and now flow stabilizing members are a typical part of new headboxes.
However, comparing the strength development, lime is the more in effective stabilizing agent.
This supplemental funding will ensure that we are able to respond speedily and effectively to the needs of our steadfast coalition partners in the war on terror, to newly elected governments who are seeking our stabilizing assistance to move forward with reforms, and to the men, women and children swept up in humanitarian emergencies who have turned to us in need.
These muscles are the primary stabilizing muscles of the trunk and many movements performed by an athlete require their stabilizing actions.
Stabilizing Liberia also means stabilizing Sierra Leone, Guinea, the Ivory Coast, and other ECOWAS regimes where cross-border ethnic and tribal warfare have been going on for years.
For example, dune fields now trapped beneath grasses or other stabilizing vegetation speak of a drier past, a time when surface greenery was either sparse or nonexistent.
This area seems to be stabilizing (i.e., delinquencies were slightly down).