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causing to become stable


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After analysis and learning of recent successful stabilizing projects using fly ash, the county chose to reconstruct 1 mile of CTH S using a full-depth reclamation process, stabilizing with Class "C" fly ash.
All exercises were directed toward the three major trunk stabilizing muscle groups: gluteals, hamstrings and obliques.
Within a short period, challenging the kinetic chain with core stabilizing exercises produces rapid, remarkable adaptations.
Furthermore, taking early action provides a better chance of successfully stabilizing emissions and may actually save money in the long run, he argues.
After the die, the Jet Cool internal bubble stabilizing and cooling system is said to enhance uniform gauge tolerance because the bubble is centered over the air ring even at high outputs and thin film gauges.
The CD HORIZON LEGACY PEEK Rod is suited for stabilizing the spine following interbody structural graft support.
We do see occupancy stabilizing," Callahan told the group.
Analysts said the drop, coupled with lower unemployment, is further proof that the county's economy is stabilizing.
The proprietary chlorophyll-based stabilizing technology behind Natrol NADH helps promote optimal absorption, allowing individuals to achieve maximum cellular energy benefits," said Wayne Bos, president and chief executive officer, Natrol, Inc.
The more rigorous city designation [a City Historic District] would have a direct and stabilizing influence on the real estate market, eliminating the intense speculation that superficially inflates land values and endangers the future of smaller buildings.