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Synonyms for stabilizer

a chemical that is added to a solution or mixture or suspension to maintain it in a stable or unchanging state

a device for making something stable

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Packaging--an emerging segment is expected to lead the UV stabilizers market The packaging is emerging as the largest application segment of the UV stabilizers market.
For optimal accuracy, you want a long stabilizer with a lot of mass at its end.
Calcium-tin and organo-calcium stabilizers are dominating in Western Europe especially.
Thermolite 350 and other customized organotin maleate stabilizers for calendered rigid PVC film/sheet where resistance to sulfide staining is required.
Our focus and our strength is to provide high-quality specialty stabilizers for unique applications.
The Shockbuster Stabilizer Combo is available in a distinctive camouflage pattern.
Leven discovered that by including a rubber piece - which is the actual Doinker - between the stabilizer and the end weight, the weight can act independently from the bow, dissipating vibration rather than sharing it with the bow.
Sb is a potent and cost-effective, but also controversial, pearlite stabilizer in gray irons.
With a stabilizer, you position the ladder only once to efficiently reach all areas around the window.
Current multi-site studies funded by NIMH are investigating the value of long-term treatment with lithium and other mood stabilizers in preventing recurrence of bipolar disorder in adolescents.
A stabilizer member, joined to at least each of the side flaps, has two edges laterally outward from the first edge.
Chemtura's new Technology Center on this platform follows the success of their Technology Center Antioxidants, launched in May, and offers information on why and where Chemtura UV stabilizer technology is used, how it works and how Chemtura's customers, and their customers, benefit from Chemtura's broad range of UV absorbers and hindered amine light stabilizers, seeing improvements in:
In this article, we'll explore multiple stabilizer types and how to choose one that'll help you shoot more accurately than ever before.
The presentation will address stabilizer applications in building and construction, reviewing test results to illustrate how the dedicated CYASORB CYNERGYY SOLUTIONS B Series stabilizers exceeded performance standards.