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Synonyms for squish

the noise of soft mud being walked on

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walk through mud or mire

put (a liquid) into a container or another place by means of a squirting action

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It can be seen, that the curves of the squish gap inlet sensor positions (squish gap inlet 1 and squish gap inlet 2) reach a level of about 280 [degrees]C and they do not differ much from each other.
Young children will laugh at Squish attempting to hide from the dark and of course laugh at every mention of chickens, but if they are like me they will long to hug Squish.
Squish Blocks is available at That's Entertainment in Worcester and Fitchburg, Learning Toys Express in the Solomon Pond Mall on the Marlboro- Berlin line, The Whiz in Westboro and at Brascogames in London, England.
Even those with large kitchens benefit from these silicone products, which can squish and collapse to save space in the dishwasher.
Amazingly, everyone around me resisted asking if I was getting into the festive spirit by doing a Rudolph impression (except for Fiance who almost had my eye out trying to squish them).
1) What I want to show is that there is a squish of articlehood from the, to that, to this, which shows up in the ease with which the first element of the title can disappear under syntactic duress.
Then there are the accessories: Gel bra inserts full of glittering stars that squish nicely between fingers, silky soft pads for delicate areas.
Try to squish the cotton balls so that they stick together.
In old people, it's probably fiber--if you squish it, it's not going anywhere," she said, speculating that the cartilage had gotten "squished into the vein and into the spinal cord.
In old people, it's probably fiber; if you squish it, it's not going anywhere," she said, speculating that the cartilage had gotten "squished into the vein and into the spinal cord.
It's great straight or splashed on sorbet ( or for the more indulgent, combine a glug of the cordial, a quart of gin, a squish of lime, then pour into a tumbler of crushed ice and top up with Champagne.
You pick your way across lichen-covered rocks and squish through a little stream crossing the path.
Especially when I switch sides and my other hand isn't strong enough to squish the 2 inches of skin you're supposed to pinch wherever you give yourself the shot.
It is too busy advancing its own agenda of new regulations - and too busy appeasing activists who think Ralph Reed is a moderate squish.
Humankind, having had the random good fortune to develop a brain, over time has also developed an arrogance which we mistakenly think permits us to squish first and ask questions later.