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Synonyms for squish

the noise of soft mud being walked on

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walk through mud or mire

put (a liquid) into a container or another place by means of a squirting action

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Young children will laugh at Squish attempting to hide from the dark and of course laugh at every mention of chickens, but if they are like me they will long to hug Squish.
Squish Blocks is available at That's Entertainment in Worcester and Fitchburg, Learning Toys Express in the Solomon Pond Mall on the Marlboro- Berlin line, The Whiz in Westboro and at Brascogames in London, England.
Bur statistical differences with regard to the omissibility of the determiner appear among the various members of the article squish about which we can get an idea by doing Google searches on relevant sequences.
You pick your way across lichen-covered rocks and squish through a little stream crossing the path.
Especially when I switch sides and my other hand isn't strong enough to squish the 2 inches of skin you're supposed to pinch wherever you give yourself the shot.
It is too busy advancing its own agenda of new regulations - and too busy appeasing activists who think Ralph Reed is a moderate squish.
Humankind, having had the random good fortune to develop a brain, over time has also developed an arrogance which we mistakenly think permits us to squish first and ask questions later.
com/vp8, that enables users to easily begin encoding in VP8, using Sorenson Media's browser-based Sorenson Squish encoding application.
com)-- Long Tail Products, formerly Webko Products, a marketing and product development agency, has just released the initial offering in a line of household silicone products geared toward the consumer market, the Squish Silicone[TM] Microwave Omelet Maker, and new bottleBOSS[TM] designs which include both the bottleBOSS Wallet Size Opener and bottleBOSS Money Clips with unique laser engraved illustrations including: a Nautilus Star, a Bicep and a Cowboy branding a bottle.
Why is my first picture book, Squish Rabbit, the story of a small rabbit with a big heart, rather than the tale of a tiny cockatoo with a big beak?
Add mince beef and, using you hands, squish all the mixture together until well absorbed into the meat.
In addition to Fire Ant Coolant and Jellyfish Squish, Coastal Solutions produces maximum-strength Chigger Chaser(TM), Bite Blaster(TM) and Bite Fixer(TM), also available nationwide.
I squish my toes like I'm trying to pick up a pencil, which lifts the underside of the arch of your foot.
If Chicken Little's head can squish down when he ducks, for example, and then snap back into position, the character will appear more human than puppetlike.
Leap from lush grass to hard concrete, and your Adidas 1 will sense that change in force and tell the shoe's adjustable cushion to squish more.