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plaything consisting of a toy pistol that squirts water

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A squirter probe Krautkrdmer H5KF Krautkr&ner is connected to a USPC2100 ultrasonic PC board for measurements.
The first instance I ever saw was a perfume vividly billed in the early eighties as reacting specially with each woman's "unique body chemistry" and creating "her own individual scent," the ad depicting a cattle line of languid models waiting cramped and expressionless to get their wrists squirted one at a time, each smelling her moist individual wrist with a kind of biochemical revelation, and then moving off in what a back-pan reveals to be different directions from the squirter (we can ignore the obvious sexual connotations, squirting and all that; some tactics are changeless).
Promotional items refer to the Batman line of characters, the crash dummy figures and the super squirter water guns.
Tampa Electric's newest PV display is the Solar Squirter at the Florida Aquarium, an interactive hands-on educational display that opened in February.
The expertise of the Legal & General employees was shared with these enthusiastic pupils as they developed their ideas for their games including The Flying Squirter - a quiz that soaks players with water.
Apparently the squirter was dual-action, which would keep me fresh and make me irresistible to women.
Pippa says: I clean the algae from between the panes on my greenhouse using a strong jet of water - a standard Hozelock jet squirter attachment does the trick and is especially useful in the roof areas I can't reach
Despite being bombarded with eye-catching match-up charts that teach kids to match sharks with their physical characteristics and lifestyle traits, many youngsters will probably opt to check out the adjacent ``squid squirter,'' a giant squid model equipped with its own water spray system that can be activated by pushing a button.
The company has also turned its Looney Tunes head toppers into squirter toys.
The floating island with a clear bottom features all kinds of cool water play activities including a spiral ramp that launches Hot Wheels[R] cars into the water, a water squirter and a "secret" trap door making it the ultimate sink or swim world of wheels.
The recently refurbished Western Leisure Centre in Ely has got two swimming pools and a small beached toddler pool with a small slide and snake water squirter.
Mother octopus is a water-pouring toy and each baby octopus is a water squirter.
Apart from the little panels of text which accompany each barely visible scent squirter, there is nothing here to feast your eyes on.