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Synonyms for squirt

Synonyms for squirt

to eject or be ejected in a sudden thin, swift stream

a sudden swift stream of ejected liquid

an insignificant but arrogant and obnoxious young person

Synonyms for squirt

someone who is small and insignificant

the occurrence of a sudden discharge (as of liquid)

cause to come out in a squirt

wet with a spurt of liquid

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In the face of those threats, we engage in our own human form of sea squirt protection, figuratively spitting in people's faces or poisoning their reputation.
The CCW tackle the dangerously invasive sea squirt in Holyhead harbour before it can spread to smother mussel beds
Sequences from seven species (Table 1) were used to search the Ciona genome database and identified three possible matches, including two previously predicted gene models (ci0100152946--sea squirt DM-1 and ci0100149653--sea squirt DM-2; Table 2).
Scientists suspect the sea squirt hitched a ride in water used as ballast on cargo ships, or on imported shellfish used in the aquaculture industry.
This substance (also called Yondelis), which is extracted from sea squirts, can be used as a chemotherapeutic agent.
Lindsay Baker / The Register-Guard Camp counselor Gabe Edelmann, 15, helps youngsters in the YMCA's Explorer's Summer Camp cool off and fill their squirt bottles during a water fight at Skinner Butte Park on Monday.
Heinz Eazy Squirt is available now in an easy-to-hold squeezy 460g bottle.
Scales, beakers, magnetic stirrer and stirring bar, glass tray, long-wave ultraviolet light source, squirt bottle, dark storage bottles with tight lids
So far, Prolume's only retail product is a squirt gun with nonstaining jellyfish genes that glow upon impact with people or other calcium-coated creatures.
But their abjection is aggressive, and their libidinal impulses squirt in all directions.
We were in a war with our competitors, and we were carrying squirt guns.
Hana's newest product on the Nasopure[R] line is called the Little Squirt to go[TM] and is created for travelers but can be used by anyone who likes its smaller design, especially children.
AN alleged burglar tried to squirt his own blood at a police officer following a suspected drug overdose, the High Court heard yesterday.
It is estimated that 10 to 40 percent of women squirt during climax a liquid about 30 to 150 ml.
Concerned that their findings might be influenced by popular culture, which often depicts gun-slingers as big and strong men, the team conducted two more studies using objects that did not seem to have a macho image - a kitchen knife, a paint brush and a large, brightly coloured toy squirt gun.