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the gentry who own land (considered as a class)

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Behind the spin, David Cameron is as much a member of the grasping Tory squirearchy as any MP with a moat.
Nevertheless, it made a respectable stand at the after-dinner debates of the squirearchy of his neighbourhood; and his maiden speech at the county meeting, on the poor-laws, or the corn-laws, or the anti-slavery, or anti-knavery associations .
Big breakfasts came in slowly; until about 1500 most people below the squirearchy had only a snack before the noontime meal though the Romans and other invaders had enriched the national larder.
Primogeniture was a means for the maintenance of a landed estate; thus, it was commonly used by the aristocracy and the squirearchy and, as is discussed below, less so by the middle classes whose wealth was likely to include financial assets.
Young-Zook attributes Merlin's entrapment to the gentle Elaine rather than Vivien, and avers as a point of departure that Tennyson had a "titled grandfather" who along with his grandson was "part of the squirearchy that had ruled England for centuries" (p.
It appears that the author's grandfather, Antoine-Alexandre Davy de la Pailleterie, was a scion of the Norman squirearchy, lords of the manor since the sixteenth century, though otherwise undistinguished.
The Virginia presidents belonged to a slave-owning squirearchy that began to decline while Jefferson himself was still living.
Landscape (idealised) is a frequent component of Old Russian icons, murals, even property-maps, and by the late eighteenth century, of city-scapes, historical and genre pieces, but 'pure' landscape was slow to develop in a countryside that seemed to lack the sublime or the picturesque, and (till 1761) had no rooted squirearchy keen to commemorate its broad acres.
But much of what he wrote on Ireland was negative; Barry Lyndon vilifies the Irish squirearchy in the person of the arch-liar, criminal, womanizing Redmond Barry, while The Irish Sketch Book alienated Irish readers.
During the 1920s and 30s he was the leader of a clique of Georgian writers, who, violently opposed by Bloomsbury and the Sitwells, were christened with contumely the Squirearchy.
Coming from the lower reaches of the squirearchy herself, but having married an enormous fortune, she did not so much aim to entertain the very rich and very grand, but instead sought the company of intellectuals.
Ted's plea that Parliament should once more be the preserve of the Squirearchy and Old Etonians wasn't a vote winner in Cardiff South East.
And Henry Fielding's Tom Jones is the story of bastardy in the squirearchy, not the bourgeoisie.
This was the man who made himself persona non grata with many of his peers when insisting that stewards retire at 70, thus irritating many a choleric member of the bucolic squirearchy, who thought being a steward was a right of birth.
Huntsmen are viewed as associates of the squirearchy or gentry" - Former TV presenter Brian Walden attacking anti-hunt backers.