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having eyes half closed in order to see better


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Tendency to squint your eyes Squinting is the involuntary action that occurs when there is a problem with seeing objects in front of us.
'Every time I read up a card I just pucker up, just a little bit,' Harvey said, squinting at a card just handed out to him.
I dream in my chair he's young: walking towards me, squinting at
However, missile-borne SAR should work in squint mode [3] to acquire target information in front of the platform, and squinting may also increase the flexibility with which a desired area on a surface is imaged within a single pass of the platform [4].
4 GET YOUR EYES TESTED: The area around your eyes can be one of the first places to display signs of ageing such as fine lines and crow's feet, and these can be exacerbated by unconscious frowning or squinting caused by poor eyesight.
"I kind of squinted my eyes, but I was squinting them away from the kick.
By the end of a hunt, he may be squinting or pawing at his eyes--not a good sign.
This is due to the aging process, sun exposure and repetitive movement from smiling and squinting.
MANY UK school children would rather endure squinting at the whiteboard than being teased for wearing their specs, new research has revealed.
He warned that squinting is mis-alignment of the eyes and is mostly seen in children, but most parents do not take steps to get it treated at an early age.
In another shot, the bejeweled singer, 30, shows off a dyed blonde hairdo while sticking her tongue out and squinting. A cheeky bikini snap and a behind shot of her newly toned back, meanwhile, demonstrate the results of her recent weight loss.
It was also claimed that the optometrist did not undertake retinoscopy with a cycloplegic agent in circumstances where the examination indicated a visual acuity of 3/9, stereo acuity was 200 seconds of arc, there was limited cooperation from the child patient, and the reason for the examination was she had been squinting and closing her eyes when watching television.
This timepiece's giant panel display of 45mm particularly is well-suited for athletes, active lifestylers, and anyone who's tired of squinting. It uses a dot matrix style display, which generally is easier to read (and more aesthetically pleasing) than the traditional seven-segment display.
Inside his mountain retreat A priest unwraps the arcana Of St John, the ship's parping bleat Brings him out squinting against Whitewash dazzle, he counts buses Idling by the jetty, does sums In his head, goes back in, fusses With relics, gives a backhand thump To upholstered pews while snapping A duster over fragrant wood - All nerves at showtime, he rattles His offertory box for luck.
She says: "I had a habit of squinting when I fired and screwing up my face.