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Synonyms for squint-eyed

marked by or affected with a squint

Synonyms for squint-eyed

(used especially of glances) directed to one side with or as if with doubt or suspicion or envy

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But officially, New Delhi couldn't afford to look squint-eyed at the Chinese occupation of Tibet, and the 'cultural genocide' Beijing had been accused of perpetrating there.
Be careful of him; he is a tall boy, somewhat thickset, slightly squint-eyed, dark, slender, broad shoulders, and of impudent manners.
Jack may be a super-fit, not-quite-19 footballing star, but who thought he would have any chance against a grizzly-bearded, squint-eyed, 56-year-old hack?
Squint-eyed nights of research and belief in their story gave the twins the courage to push the envelope and mail it to the publishers.
Caroline Aherne then snapped her up for the part of Malcolm's mousey girlfriend in Mrs Merton And Malcolm and from there she hit the big time as Carol, the squint-eyed, oddball secretary from Channel 4 hit Teachers.
As a journalist, I regularly negotiate the phalanx of security contraptions and squint-eyed officers posted at the entrance to every public building in Los Angeles.