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Synonyms for squinched

having eyes half closed in order to see better


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squinched in the bottom, steam rising like a jinni--
I love to go out in late September among the fat, overripe, icy, black blackberries to eat blackberries for breakfast, the stalks very prickly, a penalty they earn for knowing the black art of blackberry-making: and as I stand among them lifting the stalks to my mouth, the ripest berries fall almost unbidden to my tongue, as words sometimes do, certain peculiar words like strengths or squinched, many-lettered, one-syllabled lumps, which I squeeze, squinch open, and splurge well in the silent, startled, icy, black language of blackberry-eating in late September.
The planter squinched his eyes at Roy and held his ground.
At bat, I squinched my eyes and gritted my teeth and prayed that i would not be knocked into a coma.
Isa senses Mattie's increased warmth, turns to the man behind them in the checkout line, "her nose in the air and her eyes squinched shut," and says, "'This is my daughter,' as if introducing him to the queen.
When the table is up, things are pretty squinched in the living room.
Then she crept in and I squinched open my eyes from the safety of the covers.