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wavy and twisting

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But it has become known locally as the Squiggly Bridge because of it is s-shape.
Shame, a 6ft paper lantern, a flatpack wardrobe and a squiggly mirror would look great in Highgrove.
LINESMEN will never been known as assistant referees,Marathons should never be called Snickers and has anyone ever referred to pop star Prince as 'that wee squiggly thing'?
I reckon he learned to stay calm under the threat of violence by giving some unsuspecting clients in his hair salon a squiggly mohawk cut like his own.
Squiggly bridge Modern Glasgow - the winner by Allan Donaldson
VIDEO assistant referees are back in the spotlight after Juan Mata's goal (left) against Huddersfield was ruled out by a squiggly line.
Among other unusual adventures, the show has regaled viewers with features requiring Yin to learn how to do a tightrope act, climb a coconut tree, ingest all sorts of wriggly and squiggly creatures and participate in unusual sports, like archery and horseback.
The next day at school, he reads his unfinished squiggly story to his peers.
Another said that the long squiggly line looked like a snake.
Now, Tweet and colleagues have examined squiggly white tracks, an average of 0.
A second-level catwalk with a custom, squiggly patterned wrought iron railing passes through the cavernous living room to connect the three upper-level bedrooms to the private master suite.
The handy "Getting Started" section lists the readily found supplies like crayons, pencils and felt-tip pens for the easy projects such as Squiggly Fish.
The squiggly readouts from the electrodes look like seismic readings captured during an earthquake, and characteristic wave patterns are associated with different tasks.