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Synonyms for squiggle

to move or proceed with short irregular motions up and down or from side to side

Synonyms for squiggle

a short twisting line


Related Words

an illegible scrawl

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Every 10 seconds, a square eats two squiggles, and a star eats two squares.
Product: NSD-1102 dual piezo motor driver ASIC for SQL Series SQUIGGLE motors
New Scale makes a range of Squiggle motors in standard sizes and offers to customize, as well.
Teams scored 20 points for each ball (either squiggle or tennis) in the pen at the end of the round (15 minutes).
The piezo motor driver and position encoder are combined with miniature SQUIGGLE motors, supplied by New Scale Technologies, creating the smallest, most efficient and highest resolution motion controls systems in the world for products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, portable medical devices, and aerospace applications.
Solicitor Peter Wishlade said that it was astonishing that they paid out on a squiggle instead of a proper signature.
The introduction of new multilayer co-fired piezoelectric ceramic elements, developed by TDK-EPCOS, into the Squiggle motor will eliminate the need for an external voltage boost circuit, reducing the total size of the motor drive circuitry to about 3.
Housing in a 4 x 4 mm 16-Pin QFN package, matching the scale of the SQUIGGLE motor itself, which is 1.
But the Olympic squiggle looks like something a toddler would draw with their first crayon set.
However, I wouldn't be in a rush to put a squiggle next to her name just yet, as she missed the break quite badly, and did well to get herself into a challenging position - she could represent a bit of value next time.
Draw a squiggle, doodle, pattern or shape anywhere on the paper, making sure that a fair amount of room is left elsewhere on the page.
Featuring extended user memory and security enhancements, the new Higgs-3 IC is now available in two new inlays: the ALN-9640 Squiggle and the ALN-9662 Squiggle-SH.
Each module incorporates a patented piezoelectric, SQUIGGLE motor with optical limit switches in a compact polymer housing.
s piezoelectric Squiggle motor has been successfully demonstrated by researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute of Buffalo, NY.
After about an hour of searching, they spied a moving squiggle.