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Synonyms for squid

(Italian cuisine) squid prepared as food

widely distributed fast-moving ten-armed cephalopod mollusk having a long tapered body with triangular tail fins

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Let simmer until the squid and tentacles are cooked, about one minute.
Underneath those eyes, squid in the genus Galiteuthis grow silvery patches of cells that act as undersurface bioluminescence, a camouflage technique that has evolved in various marine creatures, making their shadows less conspicuous to hunters below.
Tape one end of a piece of string to the intact squid.
Hard structures often are used for aging squid and most studies measure statoliths (Spratt, 1978; Lipinski, 1986; Jackson et al.
In 2008, scientists examined the first intact specimen of a colossal squid which was also brought to Te Papa.
As a surprising, added bonus, the new SQUID appears to be able to measure many materials other than superconductors.
Most people buy squid already cleaned and ready to cook anyway.
Considerable effort and resources have been expended to capture and study this organism; however, the life history of longfin squid remains incomplete because of the difficulty in rearing the planktonic paralarvae stage (Boyle & Rodhouse 2005, Hendrickson & Jacobson 2006).
These observations are consistent with the hypotheses that there is only one global species of giant squid, Architeuthis dux," Inger Winkelmann and colleagues, who suggested that the squid could have one of the largest known ranges of any species, wrote.
Nevertheless, inhibitory mechanisms in the squid seem to be important for learning processes.
But after enduring five hours of howling winds, a hardy band of fishermen - who had travelled hundreds of miles and shelled out a fortune on hotels - lost out to a baby squid barely 1cm long.
Squid ink produced at the end of the cuttlefish maturation process is a suspension of melanin granules in a viscous colorless medium.
Young Scientists Squid Dissection" is an introductory-level dissection kit designed for use by one or two students.
WELSH academics have discovered that male squid employ different reproductive strategies depending on their body size, it emerged yesterday.