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subdued or overcome

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Now, it appears that consciously squelched thoughts often reappear in dreams, whether or not those thoughts incorporate wishes, he says.
Michael Davidson offers ample commentary on matters of form, expression, articulation, dynamics and tempo in all the sonatas, rondos, several variation sets and assorted individual pieces--sometimes, alas, to the extent that creativity, exploration and discussion may be squelched.
He was the author of Fortunate Son, the Bush expose conveniently squelched just before the election.
Negotiators imposed a news blackout, though rumors of a settlement emerged two days later-- only to be squelched as observers predicted serious issues would not be hashed out until this week.
TALK of a classless society has been squelched by the humble Wellington boot.
That action was challenged in court by pro-voucher groups, who argued that the provisions were anti-Catholic and squelched religious freedom.
Introduced by Margaret Thatcher's Tory government in 1988, Clause 28 was the law that squelched a series of Labour Council initiatives to use public money to promote a political agenda for gay liberation.
Landing at Marseilles, Martha squelched a dragon by sprinkling him with holy water--a good home remedy for evil--lassoing him with her belt, and leading him off to the nearest dragon depository.
Yet, because of an extensive and expensive propaganda campaign, special-interest groups have for decades squelched any serious reform.
Having fallen behind to Joeli Vidiri's third minute try, Quins squelched through the mud to lead 22-12 at half time through tries by Dominic Chapman, Peter Mensah and Gareth Llewellyn.
Many salmon runs were squelched outright by high dams like Grand Coulee) that lacked fish ladders and thus closed off thousands of river miles to migrating salmon.
PHOENIX -- If you've ever felt the urge to express yourself in writing but were squelched by the censorship of media outlets, both on or off line, Voice of Arizona can give you back your freedom of speech.
The council squelched any form of public debate before hastily putting this cynical measure on the ballot.
In the new experiment, the deep chill also squelched the thermal energy that drives the breaking and reforming of bonds in a conventional, larger-scale Ullman reaction.
However, the Prime Minister, having been in politics for 30 years, realized the perils of this approach and promptly contradicted his Justice Minister or, at least, sort of squelched the idea.