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the act of gripping and pressing firmly

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RHL has applied for a patent for the new Resilio roll, which combines the company's own expertise in mechanical squeezing and dewatering equipment with specially-developed dual-layer technology for the covering.
2) Step 2: Engage your abdominal muscles and drive through the heel of your left foot (squeezing the left buttock/gluteus muscle) to push back up to standing - but let the right leg fully extend (turn the toes in the right foot to the right) and pulse the leg three times, squeezing the inner-thigh muscles.
In developing grip strength, we perform exercises as wide and varied as burying our hands and wrists into buckets of sand and flexing and extending the fingers, to squeezing handballs or tennis balls in between sets of our regular workouts.
The feds are squeezing the states, states are squeezing the school districts, and they're trying to squeeze you.
WHILE I cannot possibly comment on dwarf throwing, I strongly refute J F Summerfield's claim that weasel squeezing is barbaric.
Forget all you've ever been told about squeezing spots, because I'm about to contradict it.
The one who got the most squeezing wound up inheriting the title, which was the disco-era equivalent of being the king of Siam's number 1 wife.
The agent's squeezing of Bond's bag was at issue--Bond argued that the agent's squeezing of his bag was an illegal search and the government did not assert Bond's consent as a basis for admitting the evidence.
They are normally unpasteurised, simply chilled after squeezing and must be consumed within a few days of squeezing.
Cost squeezing is the usual tactic of the command-and-control, vertically-integrated corporation.
PITTSBURGH -- Today, the way Americans eat on-the-go will change forever as Heinz announces the national availability of Heinz[R] Dip & Squeeze[R] Ketchup, the new packaging innovation that allows for both dipping and squeezing and holds three times as much Heinz[R] Ketchup as the traditional packet.