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Synonyms for squeezing

the act of gripping and pressing firmly

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Some of the additional features of this new machine include double fabric transport rollers made by rubber, impregnation tank, air ballooning system, first squeezing unit, relax J-BOX in stainless steel, second impregnation tank, air ballooning system and second squeezing unit.
Two other groups alternated the balls between hands and a fifth group held the ball without squeezing.
Squeezing PDMS tubes filled with water containing gold and silver salts created gold and silver nano-particles.
Mr Ahmad said: "He (one officer) squeezed and kept on squeezing ...
Do you understand me?" Mr Ahmad added: "He squeezed and kept on squeezing. I remember the pressure to the side of my neck.
If you have a lot of staples to shoot, this thing is well worth squeezing out $25 for at any hardware store or home center.
Meantime, how's about a compromise - no squeezing but you'll dab his back with something soothing, such as Calamine lotion?
Can you make a "fish" floating inside a soda bottle sink to the bottom just by squeezing the bottle?
can be configured for a wide range of uses in the textile industry, including laminating, thermal bonding, fabric heating/cooling and pulling and squeezing. Other unique applications include squeezing liquids out of textiles, perforating materials such as leather, and squeezing resin into carbon fiber matting for aerospace applications.
Liquid metal is placed in the open cavity of the preheated bottom piece, and then the top piece moves down, squeezing the metal into its final shape, which in this case was a round, stepped plate with a uniform wall thickness of 0.196 in.
400g baby new potatoes, halved 2tsp olive oil 2tbsp chopped fresh parsley 2tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice 4 fresh salmon fillets, each about 150g, skinned 8 thin slices of lemon 2tbsp chopped fresh dill 200g baby carrots, trimmed and cut in half lengthways (if thick) 200g baby corn, trimmed (or green beans) 200g sugar snap peas, trimmed freshly ground black pepper lemon wedges, for squeezing
To make squeezing citrus easy and fast, squeeze fresh citrus juice into a small spray bottle and keep it refrigerated.