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a kitchen utensil for squeezing juice from fruit

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A finger post indicates "One mile to Downholme Bridge" and we head diagonally right to pass through another squeezer stile before continuing ahead with wooded slopes and the River Swale below on our left.
What I do like - and on a much cheaper level - is this lemon squeezer by Siliconezone.
Via its patented Velocity and Squeezer technologies, Vhayu provides enterprise tick data solutions to more than 70 customers worldwide.
A recent debut at market in tabletop and housewares, Hernan offers a Mexican Classics line, which includes such items as this lime squeezer, hernanllc.
Almost no one would want to go back to the days of Denis Healey, the would-be pip-squeaking squeezer of the rich.
Kids can build an edible log cabin with an apple corer, make a strawberry taste like orange juice with a marinade injector, write secret messages in a lemon juice based invisible ink and the use of a citrus squeezer, make a jelly bean nest with a garlic press, and so much more
The remaining land completes a 7,204-acre conservation easement in the Goat and Squeezer creek drainages in the Swan River State Forest at the north end of the valley.
Each Squeezer has 200 mg of DHA omega 3 with no fishy taste and none of the unpleasant "fish burps" often associated with fish oil soft gels.
The shamed TV star attempted to deface a portrait of the Queen by poking her eyes out with a lemon squeezer - earning him a dressing down by show bosses.
The fallen gameshow host pretended to be a gynaecologist, got out of bed to talk to a cactus and used a lemon squeezer to vandalise a portrait of the Queen.
For the household that already owns the Alessi toaster, kettle, lemon squeezer and corkscrew, what about the Alessi toilet cleaner?
Designers have wok en up the fact that the kitchen is now the most important living room in the house so everything in it right down to the lemon squeezer should be seriously stylish as well as functional.
1 on the list for obvious reasons), worm parasitologist, lab-animal veterinarian, tampon squeezer, landfill monitor, uranium lab demolition worker, Iraqi archaeologist and tick dragger.
The scientists have nicknamed the instrument "the squeezer.
But the same could also be said for the lavatory or the lemon squeezer.