squeeze play

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an aggressive attempt to compel acquiescence by the concentration or manipulation of power

a baseball play in which a runner on third base tries to score as the batter bunts the pitch

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The immediate effect of this squeeze play has been to transform the Santorum-Casey race from an ideological clash of the titans to a battle of dull and duller.
SQUEEZE PLAY Studios rushed films into production before the last feared SAG strike in 2001, and B.
The squeeze play, when executed correctly, is virtually impossible to defend.
Schall's flagship show had been running in Nuremberg, only about 100 miles from Munich, and the private exhibition firm pointed its finger at the trade association for causing a squeeze play for exhibitor firms.
In fact, similar "shield laws" exist in Utah, New Jersey, Oregon, Colorado, and Arizona, while several other states, including Ohio, are considering their own version--thanks to a sophisticated squeeze play by pharmaceutical lobbyists and tort-reform activists.
All too frequently these days, a vehicle OEM comes up with some unilateral squeeze play to force prices down,' Fred Divincenzo, Motorola's top automotive semiconductor marketer observes.
However, the potential commoditization of catastrophic risk coverage combined with the need for consumer friendly functions and services represents a squeeze play on the traditional space of insurers and health plans.
A few minutes later, when Lee and I went to get a drink, the same thing happened to Bobier, though it was six dudes that put on the squeeze play.
Company officials say they will continue to "work closely with asbestos claimants and other creditors," but asbestos victims believe the move is part of a squeeze play that may leave them without any options in the future.
He rides Sirrah Jay (Reg Akehurst) to take the 21/2-mile chase, but sustains a suspected broken shoulder when Squeeze Play (Andy Turnell) falls in the novice chase won by Formula One (John Edwards/Norman Williamson).
The final footnote is his first novel, Squeeze Play, written in 1978, a detective potboiler he originally published under a pseudonym, "Paul Benjamin.
Jobs generated in the aftermath of the fire have, in many instances, created a squeeze play for contractors, most of whom had already booked busy seasons on the calendar.
The squeeze play was first employed in baseball by George Case and Dutch Carter, players on the Yale team, in a game against Princeton.
This squeeze play provided chaotic shuffles and sharp repartee, which added to the fun.