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Synonyms for squeeze

Synonyms for squeeze

to subject to compression

to put one's arms around affectionately

to extract from by applying pressure

to obtain by coercion or intimidation

a compressing of something

the act of embracing

Synonyms for squeeze

the act of gripping and pressing firmly

a state in which there is a short supply of cash to lend to businesses and consumers and interest rates are high

a situation in which increased costs cannot be passed on to the customer

Related Words

(slang) a person's girlfriend or boyfriend

a twisting squeeze


Related Words

an aggressive attempt to compel acquiescence by the concentration or manipulation of power

a tight or amorous embrace

the act of forcing yourself (or being forced) into or through a restricted space

Related Words

to compress with violence, out of natural shape or condition

squeeze like a wedge into a tight space

to cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means :"She forced him to take a job in the city"

obtain by coercion or intimidation

press or force

Related Words

squeeze tightly between the fingers

squeeze (someone) tightly in your arms, usually with fondness

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Stephen Clarke of the Resolution Foundation, said: "Britain experienced an unprecedented pay squeeze in the wake of the financial crisis, with millions of workers suffering years of shrinking pay packets.
Despite the squeeze on financial wellbeing, the research suggests consumer spending remains resilient - with households reporting the fastest rise in spending since June.
"This will be the first Manhattan storefront for The Squeeze, which currently operates a storefront in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and sells its juice products at the Mercedes Club, Gansevoort Market, and at 233 Spring Street in SoHo," Geoghegan said.
Unfortunately, if you aren't one of our lucky winners, tickets to The Waterboys and Squeeze are sold out.
Applications for the squeeze out and simultaneous delisting of ABank from Bourse Istanbul were made on 1 July 2014.
"Big Squeeze Shandy has a clean citrus aroma with some cracker notes from the wheat malt," she comments.
Even more convenient, versatile and easy to use, these new Sacla' Pesto sauces perk up family favourites in a squeeze - from sandwiches, salads and snacks, to pasta, pizza and potatoes.
With his two solo albums, The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook and Transatlantic Ping-Pong, he proved he's lost none of the joie-de-vivre that became Squeeze's trademark.
Vitamin Squeeze, Phoenix, AZ, has introduced all-natural Powder Water Enhancers in a squeezable bottle that provides vitamins and customizable flavors.
Go batty FILL & Squeeze is a new food preparation system that allows parents to give their children fresh, homemade food in an instant.
Fine-pitched thread on feed screw allows for a controlled, low-effort squeeze. Grease fittings at friction points make operation smoother and extend tool life.
Summary: Polymetal International (POLY LN) has announced a squeeze out offer for the remaining 0.5% of its Russia-domiciled (PMTL RX) minorities
In the quest to wring energy from every source imaginable, scientists are putting the squeeze on a common plastic ingredient.
Squeeze will set the Great North Run weekend off to a rocking start when they play Gypsies Green Stadium in South Shields this Friday.