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Synonyms for squeezable

capable of being easily compressed


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the squeezable technology that enables owners to squeeze the sides of the
The video shows that U11 Plus features a squeezable frame and nearly bezel-less design, in line with other smartphones like LG V30 and Galaxy S8.
It is worth noting none of this information relates to the Pixel 2 XL, though that is also expected to have dual stereo external speakers, a squeezable design and no headphone jack.
Although squeezable fruit pouches may be the most appealing to kids, adults can stir pureed fruit into yogurt, oatmeal, or smoothies, Manganiello suggests.
The lightweight, easy-to-handle bottle is also squeezable for maximum consumer convenience.
Packaged in a convenient, squeezable bottle with dropper top configuration, Meter TraxControl is ideal for use at the point of care.
Shelf-stable for 14 months, Sunny Yummy squeezable dairy pudding pouches require no refrigeration and are currently available in four flavors: Chocolate-Caramel, Vanilla, Lemon and Cinnamon.
Several squeezable valves are now used for squeezable food products, most of them made of silicone.
These sweeteners are packaged in squeezable bottles that consumers can carry in their pockets or purse.
Setting itself aside from other foundation tubes, the clear squeezable front allows the user to dispense the perfect amount of product with every application, while the hard outer shell gives off a luxe feel, designed with beautiful, light-catching gradation flecks.
Lash Out Glam your lashes out with MUD's squeezable tube mascara.
19 Six sachets of porridge which each come with their own squeezable tube of topping in chocolate or strawberry, for kids to decorate their breakfast with.
Squeezable pouches--which have been the packaging of infant brands for a while--are emerging as a big hit for alcohol marketers.
The squeezable tube allows you to control the amount of mascara on the brush by squeezing more or less as you remove it.
com Now available in the UK after being something of a 'hit' in the US, comes a new thing for mascaras, the squeezable tube allows you to control the amount of mascara on the brush by squeezing more or less as you remove it.