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Synonyms for squeezability

the property of being able to occupy less space

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things like the aptitude to be softened or hardened, the aptitude to be solidified or liquefied, malleability, the aptitude to be bent or straightened, impressibility, plasticity, tractility, squeezability and combustibility.
These green sand products work well with western (sodium) and southern (calcium) bentonite and their blends and improve mold squeezability and reduce brittleness.
The only benefit of the whitehead is its squeezability.
Beyond that, the company turned the package upside down for squeezability and kept things clean with a no-drip cap.
To further suggest squeezability, we put foam padding around the Palm casing (Figure 2c).
UPM Raflatac's Raflex Plus TC and PE 85 materials provide the conformability, squeezability and printability needed for showcasing graphics on wall-to-wall squeezable containers.