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T-shaped cleaning implement with a rubber edge across the top

wipe with a squeegee

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When solder paste is deposited in front of the squeegee blade and the pressurized squeegee traverses over the stencil, the paste has a tendency to roll to the side due to centrifugal forces.
The quality of squeegee blades has a direct impact on the print image.
Operators concerned with the amount of moisture remaining on the belt have the option of adding a squeegee roller, which lifts the belt slightly
This problem, common amongst printers, is a result of the tear drop shape that forms the topside of the conventional screen squeegee.
The machine's design includes a simple rotary switch for setting the operating mode, the function to change the roller brush and squeegees without tools, a separate cable guide, and height-adjustable handlebars.
Critique: Another terrific read from an accomplished author, "Life in New York: How I Learned to Love Squeegee Men, Token Suckers, Trash Twisters, and Subway Sharks" by Laura Pedersen is replete with informative and entertaining New York phenomena and offbeat historical facts, making it very highly recommended for personal and community library collections.
Designed to fulfill the food industry's stringent safety requirements, market leaders Vikan are introducing a fully colour coded ultra hygienic handle for their brushes, squeegees and scrapers.
5pm aperture stencil with a traditional squeegee print was tested and yielded a Cp of 0.
100% water pick-up with superior vacuum system and improved squeegee design leaves floors safe, clean, dry and ready-to-use.
For a liquid spill you sweep the mess with the squeegee side, and put the lid on it," says Scott Harper, vice president, marketing, for Quickie.
Made of lightweight, rust-proof aluminum, the Extendable Squeegee extends to 18 inches.
2 Any kitchen dish liquid deans dirt and grease and leaves the glass slippery so your squeegee glides well.
Window Wizard [cedilla] Multi-angled head ideal for conservatory roofs [cedilla] Lightweight telescopic pole gives up to 20ft reach [cedilla] Detachable squeegee and drying pad Safely clean all your upper windows and conservatory roof with this long multiangled window squeegee.
Your driveway guy probably finished quickly because he used an extra-wide squeegee, which can seal a lot of surface much faster than the typical squeegees, which are usually about 18 inches wide and sold at home centers.
Ready to be applied with a roller or squeegee only 48 hours after concrete placement, UHS H2O saves time and labor both before and after use.