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Synonyms for squeamishness

a mild state of nausea

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the trait of being excessively fastidious and easily shocked

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But he quickly overcomes his squeamishness when he encounters the boys in his class and his amazement and wonder at some of his students' work is evident.
Burly Mr Clarke shows none of Ms Morris's squeamishness in dealing with the 'modern media' of the 21st century.
He said revulsion should not be allowed to halt progress and added: "It would be hard to deny paralysed people a chance through squeamishness.
Karnette's bill won approval by the Legislature last month after years of efforts by public interest groups that had to fight the squeamishness of lawmakers worried about putting their contributors' names on the Internet.
The petition points out the high court "has displayed no constitutional squeamishness about conducting its business since the 1930's in a building which contains at least three depictions of Moses and the Decalogue as a source of law.
Don't be put off by your childhood memories or squeamishness and miss out," she says.
Why is there such squeamishness about commercials that use shock?
Especially since its demise apparently stemmed, in part, from the squeamishness of key advertisers over some occasional words of dissent.
Setting his squeamishness aside, he rises to the challenge, a turning point that sets Daniel on the road to maturity.
While most people have your garden-variety squeamishness, there are others too fearful to go on picnics, to the zoo - even to school or work.
Despite the squeamishness, Wild Harvest makes fine viewing.
The Birmingham Stage Company's live version of Terry Deary's Horrible Histories tells the story of the Terrible Tudors with a gleeful snub at squeamishness.
I`m squeamish now and couldn't cook a pig's head for the life of me but, in those days, squeamishness came second to feeding the family.
Inevitably, Hollywood appears to be losing its initial squeamishness about the events of September 11.
Colin Raines, the Championship's technical director, regretted last night that a combination of ignorance, indifference and squeamishness was keeping the Birmingham public away from one of the world's showpiece events.