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squeamish offal - so how I would with a balls and To get time off he would need to make a deal with an opposition Labour MP, who would also agree not to vote - under the system known as 'pairing.
Fresh airwaves We were a bit squeamish on Fred McCauley's radio show
At least Michelle and Samantha had the good grace to look slightly squeamish.
Thankfully the client we were working for is far less squeamish than I am and managed the whole drama really well so, thankfully, I still have all my fingers intact.
He said: "I think I would have had the snip done before now if I wasn't so squeamish about having my whatever cut.
This trilogy is not for the faint-hearted or squeamish and is really a series for mature teens and adults.
I do like spiders and bugs and all that, so I'm not squeamish.
Not to be read by the squeamish, Bergstrad's tales are nonetheless entertaining, making "Screwing the Pooch" a top pick for short fiction fans with a love of black humor.
I thought it would actually be on a real patient, but I'm so squeamish about that sort of thing.
The pictures are not so good and I'm a bit squeamish myself," said O'Neill.
Though the promise of some permanent and semi-permanent cosmetic and reconstructive cosmetic procedures seem worth the nerves associated with going under the proverbial knife, some patients are too squeamish of those types of procedures and instead seek less invasive, non-surgical alternatives.
But after watching her new Comedy Central series, ``The Sarah Silverman Program,'' it's easy to see why Hollywood might be squeamish about fully embracing her sensibility.
The reading from Joshua is preceded by one of those texts that make modern folk squeamish.
Just because a bank or a traditional lender is squeamish doesn't make a deal or a project necessarily bad," says Procida.