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Synonyms for squealing

having or making a high-pitched sound such as that made by a mouse or a rusty hinge

References in classic literature ?
The porcupine met his approach with a furious squealing and a clashing of its long teeth.
The sounds we heard were the squealing of thoats and the grumbling of zitidars, with the occasional clank of arms which announced the approach of a body of warriors.
They tried to groan and beg for mercy, but forthwith emitted the most awful grunting and squealing that ever came out of swinish throats.
When he approached the sty, two and twenty enormous swine separated themselves from the herd, and scampered towards him, with such a chorus of horrible squealing as made him clap both hands to his ears.
Green warriors were leaping to the backs of their restive, squealing thoats.
Screaming hairy armadillos get their names from the squealing noise they make when they feel threatened 6 as well as their abundant hair, which is not found on most other armadillo species.
We could hear a squealing sound and it was then we noticed the rats running in and out of the bins, which were about 3m away from us in the car park.
For example, Table 2 lists the top SMC values of disc rotor modes of an unstable mode at 13kHz of a squealing disc brake[12]:
Not only that, you watched the rabbit as it was squealing in the microwave.
Not that I have anything against squealing per se: it's just not the sort of noise you'd ever hear David Attenborough make, and this two-parter is all about the noises animals make.
Published -- Monday 26 August 2013WASHINGTON: A panda at Washington's National Zoo that has been tending to her squealing newborn cub also gave birth to a stillborn cub Saturday that wasn't fully formed and was never alive outside the womb, a zoo official said.
A A squealing belt is a sign of improper belt tension, a misaligned or worn pulley, a worn.
In keeping with the policy, I'm perfectly happy to admit (even though it will further worsen my already battered reputation) that by far my favourite aspect of Wimbledon fortnight is listening to lovely ladies grunting, moaning and squealing during matches.
SQUEALING brakes are annoying and often highly alarming for thousands of drivers.
To stop them squealing They used to dose them up with cough medicine.