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Synonyms for squeak

Synonyms for squeak

a short high-pitched noise

Related Words

something achieved (or escaped) by a narrow margin

make a high-pitched, screeching noise

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Also, it's not just the fact that the ball squeaks that makes it special, it's how Planet Dog made the ball squeak that's extra cool.
Spritz the top of the bubble and squeak with olive oil spray, then pop it under the grill for three to four minutes until it's browning around the edges and in patches on top.
Uniquely designed to be deeply integrated within a company s existing work environment and processes by the Altair ProductDesign team, the SnRD offers a comprehensive methodology to streamline the entire squeak and rattle simulation workflow process from model creation to results visualization.
Made from mashed potatoes Aviko's Bubble & Squeak Rounds combine 100% real cream, savoy cabbage, fried onions, parsley, chervil and black pepper for maximum flavour.
Bravely Squeak grabbed the flowers, bravely climbed up the human pyramid beneath her and delivered the flowers.
SQUEAK AND WILFRED FOR the uninitiated, Pip, Squeak and Wilfred were the invention of Bertram J.
Oddly, Pip and Squeak were portrayed as being Wilfred's parents - they apparently found him in a turnip field - while an elderly penguin was known as Auntie and a Russian spy was the villain with his dog "Popski".
Buzz, squeak, and rattle" is the automotive industry term for the audible engineering challenges faced by all vehicle and component engineers.
THE floorboards upstairs squeak when we walk on them.
There are five reasons why dolphins have acquired a reputation for intelligence: they have big brains for their size; they can learn tricks; they look as though they are smiling; they seem quite friendly; and they squeak a lot.
The Rip Squeak family and other woodland creatures can also be discovered in books, toys, and gifts at the Rip Squeak Galleries.
Tsujimoto (curator of art at the Oakland Museum of California), with art critic Yau, presents this book accompanying a retrospective exhibit of Oakland-based artist Squeak Carnwath.
Experimental results of recorded squeaking signal in terms of loading cycles completed until the first audible squeak indicated that, in general, the joints with no glue started squeaking earlier than the ones with glue applied, but their squeaking occurred at the same load level.
Delrin 100TL combines high impact and elongation with low wear, and Delrin 500MP is claimed to be an economical choice for parts needing low friction, wear, and squeak.
Loxtons team had a night to remember at the 2006 BFFF Annual Awards when they scooped two bronze medals, one of their Wild Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto and the other for their Bubble and Squeak Stack.