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Synonyms for squawky

Synonyms for squawky

like the cackles or squawks a hen makes especially after laying an egg


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However, bad hunts aside, my father and I, and often with my younger brother, were able to laugh away many days in the duck blind at our bad shooting, Dad's squawky calling, and my constantly moving around and then shining my big moonface up to look at the rare mallards who wandered by.
Joe had money from a Hong Kong connection; Cecil said it wasn't gangster money and that I should curb my wild imagination, though truth be told, I always made him laugh because I showed him exactly what I meant whenever I told him a story: a cold-blooded gangster crouching in a doorway, a drunken cook who was chasing a squawky chicken, a rich lady, head down, hurrying to the abortionist because her lover's wife had gotten reports in America and was coming back home to check up on her husband.
Even before they were old enough to lay, our flock brought unexpected delights: their antics as tiny cheeping fluff balls; their distinct personalities as squawky adolescents; the way their soft clucking made the garden seem more alive.
Costa is referring to her latest CD, Pebble to a Pearl, a stew of foot-stomping grooves, squawky keyboards and down-home singing.
Repeat any words spoken to him in his signature squawky voice.
Davina McCall will be fizzing with her usual brand of squawky excitement as she presents the event live from London's posh Grosvenor House.
While paying due homage to the TV show's squawky music cues and zoomy camera work, the director re-created the 1970s as realistically as he could.
Its use as a treatment has spread out to other diseases including Torticollis, which is where a person's head is permanently pulled to one side by a muscle spasm, and Spasmodic Dysphonia, which causes people to have a squawky voice because the vocal chords are constantly clenching.
Excellent contributions also come from a fresh-voiced Adam Wylie as Jack, of beanstalk fame, and an amusingly squawky Marylouise Burke as his exasperated mum; Molly Ephraim as a cranky Little Red Ridinghood; and of course Kimball, who manages to imbue Milky White with an almost human complexity of feeling, without benefit of even a single Sondheim lyric.
David Coleman, by virtue of his squawky voice and extensive wardrobe of colourful sweaters, has achieved lovable status in the eyes of many, but I struggle to feel any great affection for the man.
She patiently coaxes notes of meticulous depth from the single stringed erh-hu, carefully avoiding its tendency to sound squawky to at least one set of Western ears.
Equipped with a heavy battery backpack, Charles was able to broadcast live, transmitting to a Navy ship offshore, which boosted the signal and relayed it to London, from where it went by squawky shortwave to New York and out over the network nationwide.
From the many blue, white, and black feathers found around the spot this summer, I'm quite sure that it was one of our squawky, grape-and-blueberry-loving blue jays that perched on a branch of the fir tree a few years back to deposit the undigested seed that grew into the grape vine that determined the site of our pergola: snugly placed at the NE, uphill corner of the new garden, bordered in front by neat vegetable rows, on the south side by a large fir tree, and in back and on the left by dense woods.
Lindberg spins out an entertaining and intensely provocative, if occasionally squawky, riff on the symbolic life of himself Du Bois created, starting with the motif of "pregnant silence" he maintained about the Spanish Civil War, which Lindberg insists "should have been Du Bois's war.