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a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining

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As Europe's largest and most robust clearing firm, BNP Paribas was the obvious choice of central settlement provider for Squawker.
The squawker group expressed a high degree of respect for the marketer and believed the marketer was competent in joint problem solving, technical advice about matters of long-term purchasing, and inspection of materials before shipment.
We tested panel mount traffic systems against each other as part of the roundup of portable traffic squawkers that appeared in the September 2007 issue of Aviation Consumer.
Stocks of the Fur Real Squawkers McCaw parrot are disappearing as parents try to keep one step ahead of Santa.
But the FurReal parrot, known as Squawkers McCaw, could give it a run for its money.
In the autumn of the Bush administration, are Americans getting a little fired of the relentless cheerleading of the right-wing squawkers, the protestations that things are going great in Iraq, that we're all enjoying the fruits of trickle-down economics, that under Republican rule America basks in a glow of happiness and virtue?
That means there's a booming market for education experts, especially those who claim to speak with the disinterested voice of reason among the gaggle of partisan squawkers and interest groups.
Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and hundreds of other rightwing squawkers all over the dial long ago incorporated criticism of liberal hypocrisy into their normal routines.
You can power several small speakers at once--little squawkers for a multiple4ocation enunciator for example, or multiple pager/intercoms, or several of the little self-powered speakers made to amplify the hi-quality, but low-powered, output of portable CD players, tape decks, radios and computers.
SQUAWKERS MCCAW the FURREAL FRIENDS parrot followed in 2007 and gave girls the opportunity to interact with a colorful talking parrot while FURREAL FRIENDS BISCUIT, MY LOVIN' PUP pet, one of the most talked about toys of 2008, was a life-size golden retriever that really responded to its owners' commands.
Hyper Squawkers are durable multitexture toys that make fun noises and occupy dogs for hours, as PG's favorite furry friend amply demonstrated when given one to play with.
Elsewhere, Carl learns the danger of improper use of party blowout squawkers, the bizarre looking Bo' Selecta woman reveals yet another skill and Frank uses the word "partake".
The Rocker, a wheeled toy designed to 'corner like it's on rails', by toy manufacturer Atomic Sports (overall winner and Fun Outdoors); Ski Jumping Penguins, by Tomy (Pre-school); Spiderman Web Blaster, by Hasbro (Lads & Dads); Rose Petal Cottage, by Worlds Apart (Girls will be Girls); Fur Real Squawkers, by Hasbro (Cuddly Toys); Eyeclops, by Vivid Imaginations (Learning through Play); Crayola Colour Explosion Glow Board, by Vivd (Arts and Crafts); Wet Head, by Re: Creation (Family Games).
Its pop shows parade stick-thin squawkers whose only talent is to diet themselves into oblivion and its mind-numbing reality shows are packed with foul-mouthed 'characters' who incredibly go on to become over-paid personalities just by displaying their complete lack of grace, charm or brain cells.
On to Valentines and more fallings out and fallings off for Ladies Day Squawkers (which was carrying a great deal of top heavy extra weight),Legless and Big Hats Look Stupid In A Gale Force Wind, reined in,pulled up and nose-bagged respectively.