squash racquet

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a small racket with a long handle used for playing squash

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The fact that it is the biggest squash racquet of the world was duly certified by the Guinness Book of World Records adjudicator Praveen Patel who was present on the occasion.
At about the same time, Arvid impulsively foils bank robber Franz (Peter Gantzler) in the middle of a heist by belting him over the head with a squash racquet.
Not so for the "young men in high positions" who frequent the Winnipeg Squash Racquet Club across the street, says manager Herman De Vries.
Free DUNLOP([R]) squash racquet with the purchase of four 45-min lessons, and buy three months get one month free of SquashKids program
The QSF will put on display the world's biggest squash racquet at a colourful opening ceremony and the Guinness Book of World Record authorities will be present to certify it.
The three-decade old Abu Dhabi Squash Open championship is being held after a year's break and is organised by the Abu Dhabi Squash Racquet Association (ADSRA) whose chairman Mabrouk Al Nahdy also won his first round match in Divison 2.
And construction consultancy Amey have also been busy, having traded the single ballloon gone from a solitary balloon to four tickets to a London show-by means of a Rublk's Cube, a squash racquet and a game of squash with Children's Hospital fund-raiser Fldells Hynam
Arthur first grabbed a fly swatter but wisely grabbed a squash racquet to arm himself against the over-sized insect - and any supersize sting
I packed away a lap-top, squash racquet and training kit and still had room for half a dozen bottles of Pinot Grigio (how very London) - it even boasts a power point for your mobile phone.
To enter, just study the picture above and tell us which famous former Merseyside sports star is lying prostrate on the ground alongside his squash racquet.
WHEN PR boss Roger Kenyon first picked up a squash racquet at Hull University he didn't expect the sport to play such a prominent part in his life 38 years later.
I have bought a squash racquet for him to use when he starts walking," Mekhla, who won national titles from 1997 to 1999 and again in 2002, told MAIL TODAY.
Abu Dhabi The Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi and Fugro have stepped in to help the Abu Dhabi Squash Racquet Association (ADSRA) revive its over three-decade old Abu Dhabi Squash Open championship after a year's break.
It is in dire need of a wash, has a scratch on the bonnet that really needs proper fixing, and a whole EU mountain of rubbish in the boot, including old newspapers, a couple of coats, old tapes, some Christmas cards from last year and a squash racquet.
Natalie, who picked up a squash racquet for the first time less than 18 months ago, already tops her Welsh age-group rankings and, according to Stevenson, has what it takes to reach the very top.