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rubber ball used in playing squash

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He said: "For me, my career ended the day I was hit in the eye with that squash ball on the fifth of January.
After displaying phenomenal control with a football, squash ball and a giant exercise ball, the Madrid stars took on the rugby ball.
The side of the car is distinguished by a dramatic 'Squash Line', so-called because the angles were inspired by the flight of a fastmoving squash ball.
You will recall that Gilchrist had to insert a squash ball in his glove and it was only he who single handedly beat Sri Lanka, some may say that this is okay, but if the glove was in the other hand, you can rest assured that the Aussies would have lead the colorless world to disqualify Sri Lanka and name Australia as the Champs.
And when it seemed that the revolution had gone beyond mere play and become serious, Mubarak maintained his style and faced hundreds of thousands of protesters with his Interior Minister El-Adly, striking strongly against the revolutionaries, as if striking a squash ball, without realizing that every action has a reaction, and that the logic of force and violence against protesters would only increase their strength, their reactions and their insistence on finishing what they had started.
The procedure involves lowering a spherical applicator, ranging between a marble and a squash ball in size, into the tumour through the incision created during surgery while the patient is still under anaesthetic.
He was discovered, hardly more than a toddler, hitting a squash ball against the freshly-plastered walls of his parents' new kitchen extension.
Kersh director James Kersh, above, said the secret was preparation: "Team practice took the form of smacking a squash ball round our office with a piece of wood an hour before the tournament.
Owen had been having one of those days where the ball was pinging around him like a hot squash ball.
For example, whether an utterance of "The ball is round", referring to a particular squash ball, is true may depend on whether it is the shape assumed by the ball at some instant (e.
Dubai: Adam Gilchirst, the explosive Australian wicketkeeper-batsman who thrashed Sri Lanka in the final of the 2007 ICC World Cup in West Indies by batting with a squash ball inside his gloves, said he would let his bat do the talking during the Masters Champions League.
While working at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, I found it astonishing that an entire hospital could be dedicated to an organ the size of a squash ball.
Some of the most popular include Sherlock diving into a passing laundry truck or fooling doctors by placing a squash ball under his armpit which can make it seem like his pulse stopped.
IMPACT The Mirror has previously revealed how he may have used a squash ball in his arm to stop his pulse when Freeman, 41, goes to check whether he is still alive.
The side of the car is distinguished by a dramatic 'Squash Line', so called, say the designers, because the angles were inspired by the flight of a fast moving squash ball.