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the property of being shaped like a square

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Even Vaganova teachers who praise squareness say there is an acceptable degree of hip opening based on your body type.
Though the Swedish marque now makes models of this kind that don't conform to such a stereotype, it knows that loyal buyers always have a soft spot for squareness.
Aiding quality control, "We electronically measures all our doors for size and squareness," he adds.
that bland squareness was softened by positioning a mini-maze of divider walls at pleasing angles throughout the room, creating intimate viewing spaces and seating nooks where one can rest and reflect on the art.
Orlando Spring produces parts for this platform that require extremely tight squareness requirements in both the loaded and free states.
Because hip style is constantly changing, it is difficult to define or theorize, and because hipness is fundamentally resistant to squareness, writing a book about hipness may seem antithetical (pp.
Commenting on the Grand Champion, he said: "It was a tremendous show heifer, full of meat, great style and squareness, and clearly, all round, the best in show.
Be there or be the square root of squareness you squares, as Rodrigo would say as he gave you the finger.
The cylinders accelerate and decelerate during each revolution such that the peripheral speed of the blades and the speed of the web are equal at the cutting point, which the company says will maintain sheet length accuracy and squareness.
The choice was deemed "another Republican insult and injury to classic American ideas of fairness, squareness, and civic-mindedness.
These videos seem to yearn from afar for Condi's hip to be squareness, sometimes without irony, although one video interrupts its old-fashioned praise of her beauty to call attention to her "lovely legs and thighs.
But while Samson's initial rhythmic squareness and ostinati melt yieldingly as Act I evolves, Nixon hangs on to its chugging motors for over an hour.
Use the panel saw's built-in stress relieving capability, such as Stressfite, to eliminate the chance for banana bow, which can throw off dimension and squareness.